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DMC: Devil May Cry - A Glimpse

DmC, now taken over by Ninja Theory, is my latest nerd-spasm.

Gameplay footage for this looks beyond awesome, and if on the right difficulty, at the right level, could be fucking brutal in a gorgeous way. The weapons and attacks have evolved dramatically and aggressively , but retain the same fluid style seen in the previous games.

Speaking of the previous games, start of next month they’re being released in a HD collection. All 3 of them!! YAY!

So this new game takes place in Limbo City (not Bayonetta‘s Vigrid, although it‘s an easy mistake to make seeing as they bear more than a slight likeness). If you get spotted by the CCTV eye stalks, you get dragged into actual Limbo - the look of which is a bit Dante’s Inferno meets Alice: Madness Returns (2 great games, so no complaints here).

As seen in the Getaway gameplay video, (link at the bottom guys if you haven’t seen it already) everyone is out to get you, even the city itself. It even insults you (“Fuck You Dante” glows on the floor at one point), and tactically tries to squish you, and make you miss jumps.

Dante still has his dual revolvers, Ebony and Ivory, and the beast of a sword that is Rebellion. You also get some massive melee weapons such as a scythe and a chainsaw bigger than Dante himself.

From action gameplay footage (once again, link below) there’s an even bigger emphasis on aerial combat this time around; one Devil Trigger ability lets Dante slam the ground, temporarily shifts the world’s gravity and leaves your enemies hanging in the wind for you to own; and also the Angel Stance powers are focused on aerial moves and enable you to take new routes through the games’ levels too (which leaves me with a feeling that there may be collectable items of some type hidden around. I would say maybe gem stashes, but I haven‘t picked up on anything that may mean the gem counters are continuing on.)

So, as previously mentioned, Demon mode returns Dante to a state we’re more familiar with, rather than turning him into a demon. The background has a colour bleed-out and Dante gets his shock of white hair back, resplendent in his trademark red trench coat.

Ninja Theory’s idea of how to make Dante more “cool” and “relevant” by making him look like a beat up version of Edward from Twilight has not really gone down too well with fans of the original Capcom’s. Myself included.

But then again, it’s obvious that even Capcom themselves wanted this new game to be a new chapter for DmC. When designing the new Dante, Capcom asked Ninja Theory to “do something that you think would make us angry with you.” So they did. In an act to separate themselves from the original games so they shouldn’t be compared? Guess we’ll just have to wait until it’s released to see for ourselves.

When it does come out, multiplayer modes are a given, and there’s also word of some kind of twist on the co-op play.

Footage provided so far isn’t really enough to tell how good it is, but I’m pretty confident it’s gonna be fucking awesome.

And here's those links I promised (take 2... I may have jumped the gun and originally posted this without adding them....)

Getaway - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2otIMh6acdM brought to you by SkYGAm3SPRODUCTION

FIGHT!! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7-P4vgXrSE brought to you by GameNewsOfficial
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