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Killzone 3 Multiplayer Funstravaganza

I recently downloaded the free Killzone 3 multiplayer trial to give it a spin, and to my surprise I've become really addicted! I'm generally not much of an online FPS fan, the last game I really got into was Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare back when the online gameplay that if offered was fresh and exciting. Since then I've dabbled in a few other games like Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and a little bit of COD: World At War, but nothing really holds my interest for very long.

I think that what I like about Killzone 3 is the fact that it's not a "twitch" shooter. Your character has a definite sense of weight and momentum, and jumping takes a second or two to action so bunny hopping about the map isn't a viable option. Other than the demo I haven't actually played the Killzone 3 singleplayer, but I loved Killzone 2 so it hasn't taken me too long to fall back into the rhythm of the game and the weighty controls. I'm actually pretty good at the multiplayer in Killzone 3! This is nice for a change, I'm generally kind of average at online shooters. My K/D ratio is about 0.8, and I'm up to rank 11 so far. Once I hit the rank 10 cap in the trial I was more than happy to pay to buy the full version, especially with the PSN+ discount.

It's early days yet, but I can't see myself getting bored of this game any time soon. Have any of you out there given the trial a go? If so, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.
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