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Mass Effect 3

Alright People's Mass Effect 3, one of the most awaited games of the year. It's an awsome game, good story, awsome gameplay, and the artwork id phenominal! But the ending leaves a lot to be desired. There are supposedly 17 different endings, 16 for the first time you play the game and a 17th for when you beat the game a second time.

But the ending leaves a lot to be desired, yes we know that the Normandy crew lives after crash landing on a distant planet, and Shepard either lives or dies after destroying the Reapers, creates synergy between synthetics and organics, or becomes a Reaper, but what happens after?

Does Shep stay on the Citadel after? Does he go with the other Reapers? Does he go back to Earth? What happens to Shep? All that hard work and we don't even get to know what happens to him if he lives?

What about the romance choice? Do they move on from Shepard?

I myself romanced Liara and after playing Mass Effect 2 I was hoping for "Marriage, Old Age, and a lot of little blue children."

It's really no wonder that there were a lot of players who were upset about how ME3 ended, there are to many things left unanswered.
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