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A Belated Introduction-

Hello Dtoid C-blogs! While Iíve already posted a blog here, and hope to post one tomorrow, Iíve been informed that making an introduction post would be wise. Curious as to the contents of an introduction blog, I was told that it should contain, an introduction; preferably an awkward one, so letís try this again!

UmmÖ Hi Dtoid C-blogÖ I guessÖ Ellipses make me sound awkwardÖ

Anyways, my nameís Thomas Williams and Iím an aspiring game producer/designer. My studies lead me to interesting points ofÖ well, interest, within game design that will drive each of my ďLetís Take a LookĒ blogs. I donít have much formal education in game design, so most of my discussion will come from personal experiences, observations, and struggle that comes from building small games firsthand. I find deconstruction much more fun than standard Industry talk (DLC, Publisher problems, whining), but should my observations take me there, I may engage in some more off the beaten path writings about the Industry. I donít know how consistently Iíll be able to keep my blog up, as school and whatnot keeps me busy, but Iíll try my best to serve the Dtoid c-blogs community!

If youíre masochistic and want to know a bit about me besides my writing, I also run Moderatelyoversizedhats.com. Itís where Iíll be hosting my finished Unity game projects, and where Iíll also be posting my future writings, as well as non-game related essays I may get done. Well, I guess that wasnít really about me. Anyways, Iím currently 15, but Iím a senior in highschool and also have gone to a community college since I was 12. I enjoy jazz, indie music, and ofcourse, videogames.

But yeah, thatís enough about me. I hope that was awkward enough! Hmm. Maybe I couldíve spared a few more ummís and ellipsesÖ Oh well! Thanks for having me guys, I hope I can provide some great articles to the Dtoid c-blogs!
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