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Zero Cool Episode 49: More Hero Academy and Terraria (+contest!)


We are almost there! Next episode will be our Hackers movie commentary. This episode, we talked about games.

- Syndicate
- The Darkness 2
- Dust Tactics
- Race for the Galaxy
- Rise!
- A Game of Thrones: the Board Game
- 1000 Amps
- Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights
- Dexter's stolen Wii story
- Terraria
- Break! (Music: "The Ballad of the Space Babies" from the Sword and Sworcery soundtrack)
- Hero Academy
- Kingdoms of Amalur: the Reckoning
- Warp
- Binary Domain
- Waking Mars
- Board game sales go up after iOS releases
- Valve's alleged plans for a Steam console
- Listener questions! (Somebody wins a copy of Terraria!)

So as usual, you can stream the show on our Podbean, download it here, or subscribe to us on iTunes to get the shows right when they go up! Make sure you come back in two weeks for Hackers movie commentary!

Also, we talked about a contest to win a copy of the Indie Game Music Bundle 2, to help us celebrate our 50th episode. Entries for that contest should go in the comments below here! What is the contest? You will have to listen to the episode to find out.
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