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Games Played This Month: February 2012


I'll never finish this. On wax night I started it up, thinking I knew where to go.

I didn't, I got lost, and quit.


I should probably set aside time to play this more?

But I just don't have the time.

I'll find time this summer, yeah. That's what I'll do.

- Twisted Metal demo

I loved a couple twisted metal games. The second one, black, and the psp game were all solid games with excellent single player and fun multiplayer, however, my time with this new game feels like my time with three and four.

I found both those serviceable, I didn't buy them a friend of mine did whom I played lots of Playstation multiplayer with, but this was fifteen years ago. For a twisted metal to work, I need to be hooked in by a wacky story or amazing explosive gameplay. Or like in the old days, play lots of multiplayer.

The demo I played, was a mess. The game felt awkward t o play. I couldnt get my bearing in the single level available for you to mess with.

And the online mode never worked. I've seen on twitter reports of the se carrying into the full game.

Worse still, all the silly story stuff from previous games is condensed to four characters and you can't choose who to play as. Also, race levels are a thing! Why would they do that?

I didn't get the full retail yet, but I might rent it from redbox. I'm more tempted just to watch the cutscenes off YouTube.

I got as far on the Syndicate demo as the title screen, I quit there, as the god damn game needed me to be online and I wasn't because of an update to the fucking stupid playstation. Anger anger anger!

- Baldurs Gate 1&2

I had a nightmare trying to install the mods from the recent modded guide on dtoid. I feel like an ass, I played a few minutes of two which worked in windowed mode, but couldn't kill the first smoke puff. Love the look of infinity engine games, especially on my big screen tv.

But I hate installing and moving mods around. I'm done doing that. Better part of four or five hours I tried installing and moving files around to make this work, fuck it. I'm done. I'm sure Baldurs Gate was very nice, but unless I can load it up on the laptop, I really don't want to fuck with this again.


That's it!

I'm going to PAX East. I have a feeling I'll hate that, but I feel like I should do it. I want to meet everybody and kiss you on the face. It feels bizarre knowing people online and running in the same circles, even hanging out with them online, but not really knowing them for real reals. I want pictures with everybody. I want to wear the stupid helmet in my three wolf moon shirt. I want to shake peoples hands and slap peoples asses. I'll be lucky if I make it back home without being arrested, this will be a full experience that I intend to write in detail about, I wouldn't dream of going without keeping track of the story.

I'm going by train, which should be interesting as well. Oh and I'm going to talk to the nice lady whose editing my novel, she works for some Boston college as an editor. Hopefully I'll have a final draft ready by then, we're getting closer and closer to a world where I have a book out and you can buy the damn thing and I can shut the fuck up about it. Maybe I'll do some stand up while I'm in Boston, that might be fun.

Games Next Month:

* Mass Effect 3, excited to rent it.
* Yakuza with zombies I will buy this and am anxious as fuck for it.
* Pokemans, I must beat the elite four.

And I don't care what else I play this month. I could pull god damn anything out and play it, Zombie Nation or Clash at Demonhead came to mind as being completely out of nowhere games to play, but I'd play them. More likely I'll play something like Earthbound or Xenogears, but who knows.

Kat Bailey, former Gamepro and 1up writer and Internet podcast host talked up a Tri Ace ps1 game, I want to try that and all the other ps1 RPGs I haven't hit yet. Like Guardian Crusade and Dragon Valor!

I think I like video games too much.

That's it!
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