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Piracy: What Jim Sterling missed.

I've agreed with what Jim Sterling has been saying in his latest jimquisitions, albeit I cannot stand his personality. Yes people, I get it, his conceitedness is a running joke, but it gets tiresome. So I overlooked it and found some good videos on piracy and I thank Jim Sterling for that. And I know this blog will be about the minority of people, so it may as well not even be made, but it's 8 at night, and what the hell. I feel like opening up a bit of a secret to you guys...

I've pirated indie games before. Oops. Now before Jim Sterling decided to cut my balls off, let me back up and explain why.

Jim was saying in his latest video that indie games are dirt cheap and if I don't feel like spending a few dollars on it, then I shouldn't pirate it because it's only a few dollars. The problem with this is how many indie games there are. Sure, if I'm interested in one, it's a few dollars out of pocket. But what if I'm a large fan of indie games? I'd want to buy most/all of them, right? But how can I be sure they're any good?
For example, Nation Red. It looked pretty cool, and I'm thinking “Oh boy, an indie game, they could sure use my money.” And I wasted $10. And people with functioning jobs would look at that and think they wasted maybe an hour's worth of work, but then there are people like me who have no income and look at it like, “Well, shit. There goes half of my allowance for this month.” I'm 17, and I still have allowance. It's really the only way I can survive through Senior year.
So what did I do? I decided to pirate and buy it if I felt like it needed support. And, not trying to glamorize myself, but when I got a prepaid visa I dumped about 200 HIB codes onto /v/ just so they wouldn't have to pirate it. I'm against piracy unless it's done right. Right now, my list of indie games is the only thing to compare to my list of FPS on my steam. I pirated SMB, then I bought it. I pirated Cogs, hated it, but bought it anyways. I pirated Amnesia, decided I didn't like it, and deleted it from my computer.
And trying before buying isn't with just indie games for me. Half of my steam library was pirated before I bought it, Just Cause 2 being an example.
Pirating indie games isn't necessarily a bad thing, because it can help you avoid making terrible decisions (Such as Nation Red). I feel like Jim Sterling did pretty good throughout his videos, but never takes any recognition of anything other than what he's thinking of at the time into account.
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