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OVERVIEW: Resident Evil 3

No longer a STARS member, Jill Valentine must fight to survive. With time running out fast, she must escape Raccoon City and face off the greatest threat she will ever know, Nemesis.


Looks Can Kill

More of a side story than a pure sequel, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis returns you back to Raccoon City the day before and the day after the events of Resident Evil 2. You play as Jill Valentine as she tries to get her way out of the zombie and monster infested city. There was only two modes available to play. Hard Mode, on which you start with a gun and a knife, and Easy mode. Easy Mode was the one I started out with and it gave me pretty much all the ammo and weapons I need. Unless it was absolutely necessary I rarely used anything else besides my handgun. It gave me an assault rifle with two magazines, a handgun, a shotgun, and revolver. Not only that but it also gave me a case which can hold 3 First Aid sprays. One of the things I was surprised about easy mode was that it gave you infinite ink ribbons. Easy mode is just that easy, but it's not as easy as you might think. There are more zombies and monster in Resident Evil 3 than in Resident Evil 2. This includes more spiders, more bosses, and more jump scares. What makes Resident Evil 3 more terrifying than Resident Evil 2 is it's main villain; Nemesis. The Nemesis is a force to be reckon with. When you look at it you wonder how something so buff and large be so fast. The Nemesis will stalk you and try to take you out and random events of the game. You could do one small thing and then, out of nowhere, the beast will come and try to kill you.


Resident Evil 3 plays a lot like Resident Evil 2. You go and explore the areas, do puzzles, and survive. Nothing much has really changed. You got typewriters to save, item boxes to put stuff you don't need, stop and shoot gameplay, fixed camera angles. If you played Resident Evil 2 you can quickly figure out Resident Evil 3. They did add a few things to the gameplay which is very welcome. They added a 180 turn. Up and Square will quickly turn you around and you can run from anything. Jill is much faster than ever with new moves. She can dodge and roll out of danger as long as she can. This is the way Jill moves is what Resident Evil should have moved in the first place. One of the best things about Resident Evil 3 is that we see more of Raccoon City than ever before. While in Resident Evil 2 we got to explore a police station most of the time in Resident Evil 3 we get to explore a zoo, hospital, and a shopping district. You rarely backtrack to the same location and when you do backtrack it's to open a locked door or go to a save to pick up a few items out of the box.

We've just been expended


While this is more of a side story the story here is solid. It's quite simple and it gets more interesting with Carlos Oliveira comes into the game. It's a damn shame that the movies used him more than the actual series of games does. I would like to see Carlos make a comeback. Carlos is a member of Umbrella's task force to save civilians, but his officer has other ideas. When Carlos and Jill meet up Jill is suspicious of him, but agreed to help a way out. Carlos helps Jill out throughout the game. What happens to him after the incident is still a question. In the midst of all this there is a B.O.W out there hunting all the STARS members. He's fast, stronger, smarter, and more indestructible than Tyrant, Resident Evil's first B.O.W. What makes Nemesis effective is how strong he is. He can pick up Jill and toss her like a rag doll. He comes up by Jump Scare and so every jump scare in the game is a question if it's the Nemesis or not.We start to see an inkling of Umbrella's doing in this game as they test the virus throughout the city. It does kind of bug me when a game kind of contradicts itself. In Resident Evil 2 it was reveled that the G-Virus creator, Dr. William Birkin, was the one that caused the outbreak of Raccoon City. I'm not going to spoil anymore here.


This happens more times than you think

One of the new things they've added was putting emphases on the mixing. Throughout the game you will see gunpowder in different areas. There are A,B,C. What you can mix with is pretty amazing. Mix and match to get different results. It's about fun to mix something up not knowing what you are going to get. If you mixed on type of gunpowder enough times you will get enhanced versions of that particular ammo. In my first playthrough I managed to get Enhanced Handgun Ammo. What took seven or eight shots to kill a zombie, it now took five to six. The mixing results can range from handgun ammo, shotgun shells, to even grenade and acid rounds. The trick is to remember what mixed with what to get the desired result.

Resident Evil 3 is a fantastic game to the series. It's longer, has better gameplay, and the threat of Nemesis never ends. It's defiantly worthy of the Resident Evil name.
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