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LucasArts: The Ceptic Penis of the Gaming Industry

When I look back at the past few years of this generation there has been more high's than lows, the high's have seen the likes of Mass Effect and Uncharted breathe life while the lows have consisted of having a scalding hot screwdriver rammed violently into the rectum...oh sorry I meant actually downloading and experiencing the Vampire Rain demo (for those who managed the full retail version you have my sympathy).

One low that constantly springs to mind is LucasArts, a developer/publisher that at one time brought sheer brilliance to our gaming needs and now leaves you feeling like you have been forced to tickle a crocodiles teeth with your penis. A company that has seen job losses thanks to the result of poor strategy at the top, LucasArts is currently a strange place to understand - they have simply failed to deliver a solid, in demand portfolio this generation which could of saved employment and brought enjoyment to many gamers.

One title that seems to be unsure if it's a ghost or a dream is Star Wars: Battlefront 3, a game that was once under the knife at Free Radical UK (Now Crytek) then cancelled many years ago and as it stands, has yet to say hello since. Battlefront , believe it or not, is one of the most talked about games on social applications like Twitter/Facebook and gaming forums, with many feeling frustrated we have yet to see another entry especially given the fact online gaming is more popular than ever before - it seemed a natural fit- a massive franchise with two successful entries in a series that has sold millions of copies - nope no third entry with better online infrastructures to support it. Strange.

What else has LucasArts done during this generation? We have the medicore Fracture, the shit in a shoebox that is Star Wars: The Clone Wars Republic Heroes, The Force Unleashed had promised something special given refinement and improvements in a sequel but sadly that sequel � The Force Unleashed II was a game that screamed half hearted hoping for a quick cash in resulting in stinging criticism from the gaming media which resulted in below target sales. To round off the portfolio we have an array of Lego based games in the Indiana Jones and Star Wars mythologies which to be fair have in general received good feedback from critics and gamers alike alongside a fairly respectable flow of sales. The download strategy has seen an excellent HD upgrade given to the classic Monkey Island series alongside a lukewarm response to the 2D puzzle adventure Lucidity which was deemed unsuccessful in terms of sales and critical reception.

The Old Republic has been deemed a success to many but any positives they have provided so far should of been the icing on the cake. LucasArts have failed to listen to what a lot of gaming public actually want and are willing to pay for. With such an array of potential to offer on current systems it seems the top guys at LucasArts seem more interested in telling people what they should want and get by financially. Not good enough.

If they are around next generation I hope they do a hell of a lot better.....

P.S If you are to release another Battlefront game don't make it handheld exclusive for fuck sake.
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