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Resolution 10% Complete

Well Dtoid I finally got done with two games I have been holding off for a while now, both of which were a real pain to finish. After all there was a reason I stopped playing them, but with my new years resolution it was my duty to persevere and finally finish those two games! As an add bonus I was finally able to finish off Dragon Quest IX which I have been playing nonstop throughout this year! Anyway 6 games finished and only 54 more to go!

Breath of Fire (Game Boy Advance) Ė date beat: Jan.20th


Itís hard to explain how I feel about Breath of Fire. I mean I feel like I can only say bad things about it but I know they arenít all bad. I like a lot of the ideas that were in Breath of Fire and personally thought they were clever. The first dungeon were you have to use the spring water to constantly heal yourself so you can gain a decent level, or the day and night system which Iím sure was new at the time. Or the character fusion that the thief was able to do, that was awesome! I mean putting 2/3 useless characters and 1 good character together to make an incredibly awesome one? GENIUS! The side quest with the dragon shines was also great and to see it effect the story in the end was cool too. That interesting scene with the Golem or the smart girl that knew she couldnít win and used time travel?! I mean there are a lot of well thought out ideas hereÖso why donít I like the game as a whole?
I guess it just comes down to how much I got stuck in a game. I actually think this is the game that I got stuck on the most in all my history of gaming. I mean starting out its fine, eventually I figure out what I had to do, but it just gets more and more cryptic. Sometimes they were really stupid things that I overlooked or things I simply had no idea about at all. It really came down to me admitting I didnít know what to do or any idea of where to go and just simply look it up on a guide. It really hurt my pride, but honestly I donít see myself completing this game without one. And in the end it really just came to me finishing it as fast as I could. I didnít care anymore and just wanted to end this game. Then when I finally did, I still didnít know how I felt, I mean I wasnít mad or anything, just confused. Like ďwas that fun?Ē

Conclusion: I donít know if I truly liked or disliked Breath of Fire. It has a lot of good ideas, but the second half of the game just came to me using a guide to figure out what to do because the game doesnít tell you at all what to do or where to go, it simply doesnít give directions. I mean, itís an old gem but the age really shows.

Mega Man and Bass (Game Boy Advance) Ė date beat Jan. 21


I like the Mega Man series I really do, but this game doesnít belong in it. This is clearly Bassís game, not Megaís and it becomes quite clear that it is. The way this is design just shoehorns Mega Man in to call it a Mega Man game. I would have like this game a lot better if it was just called Bass or something, but no we get this. Trust me I tried to beat the game with Mega Man I really have, but once you get to jet king tank itís all luck, ALL OF IT. If Mega gets hit by one metal hand or it destroys a platform your done, thatís it, there are no clear weakness to it nor is this boss easier for Mega Man and on top of that you have 2 more bosses to get through during that stage making the last two quite stressful! I just called it quits and was satisfied beating it with Bass.
Aside from that, what else do I have to say? Well, itís a 16 bit Mega Man game, strike two! The design on the levels are lazy, a clear example is the dick move know as King Stage 2. You donít get to really choose who you face when it comes to bosses; there are just so many problems I had with this game! The only real saving grace in it all, really, is that you get to play as the bad ass known as Bass! Bass is awesome, but not even he can save this game from being mediocre at best. Really this game just felt like an afterthought, just something to make money on, it just isnít good.

Conclusion: Aside from playing as Bass, Mega Man and Bass misses all the points in what makes Mega Man games so great. The levels are often tedious and annoying, levels are on a strict path, and Mega Man just feels shoehorned in this game. This is probably the worst classic Mega Man game I have played, although I'm not sure how much that is saying for me.

Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies Ė Date beat Jan. 24


DQIX has both the honor of being my first Dragon Quest game and one that I got an amazing deal on, I only paid 5 dollars for it new, it was the best day ever! Aside from that, I have always been interested in the Dragon Quest series; I mean they look exactly like Dragon Ball Z characters, whatís up with that! And as someone that was trying to get in touch with my gaming roots, Dragon Quest is a must. The problem I had though, was what Dragon Quest game to start off with? I donít have the early dragon quests unless you count emulating, and the 5th and 6th are kinda part of a saga. VII is just too expensive for me to get at the time, so it came down to VIII and IX. I decided to go on IX because I like the backwards approach to a gaming series, I did it with Mega Man and I decided to do it with Dragon Quest.
I have to say I love the crap out of DQIX! It reminds me of some of my favorite RPGs: Paper Mario, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, and Pokemon. I love the episodic storyline, as it keeps my attention far better than one continuous story does, and a lot of the stories are pretty depressing for such a lighthearted game. I find the best tale to be the one in Bloomingdale where you have to rescue a living doll; just how it resolves is rather heartbreaking yet heartwarming at the same time. The level up / skill tree system is wonderful too, I always loved customizing my characters, and Dragon Quest IX really lets you do whatever you want, and making an overpowered level 1 character is just so fun. I love how fast paced the combat in this game is as well, it just made quest, and leveling so much easier to bare for me The only real downfall I see in this game is the lack of music. Going through it, I think I heard like 4 songs total, and the battle theme is used constantly! Otherwise this RPG is just packed with loads of stuff to keep you constantly entertained! I honestly could spend 2 hrs. on this game and not realize it. Really this just made me fall end over heels to this series.

Conclusion: Dragon Quest IX is packed with loads of content, and customization you can simply waste hours on this game without realizing it! The soundtrack maybe nonexistent and the story isnít award winning. But DQIX easily crawled its way into my heart as one of the best RPGs I have ever played!
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