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Video Game Logic.

Real Life Logic. It's something that we all deal with even if we don't realize it ourselves. In a day to day routine we get up, live, and we sleep to do it all over again. Depending on the person, Logic can come to any sorts of reasoning behind their actions. Sometimes Logic can be bent. We all do stupid things that defies Logic defies are very reason. There is no rhyme or reason to the things we do.


Video Game Logic. That takes everything that we know out the window. It questions everything we know and makes them into a easy tool for us to complete a game. Early examples of this Super Mario Brothers. Why does Mario need mushrooms to get power ups like getting an extra life or growing into a large version of himself? Why does harmless turtles want to kill you? It's something that gaming has done for a long time. How can early FPS characters carry so much ammo and weapons? Because it's Video Game Logic. I'm not saying that it should be try to be more like real life. No, there is enough of that as it is. I'm saying that sometimes Video Game Logic gets a little out of hand.

There is more hidden in his jacket. A LOT more.

But why do we have Video Game Logic? Is it something the developers thought it would be cool to do? Giving us the option to use the tools they provide for us so we can experiment from the confines of the game? While I have no problem with carrying over a dozen weapons in one hand, there are a few logic that should be questioned.


Why is it that when we go into cover we heal ourselves up? The screen slightly turns red and we go hide. Then a minute later, sometimes seconds, we are ready to fight again. It's something that has been coming up for close to a decade. Starting with Halo 2. Halo had the classic Medic Packs. While it's understandable that Master Chief can have regeneration health because of his suit. It's not so understandable when a normal solider in Call Of Duty can do the same thing. Unless the setting supports it, we should all go back the the medic pack as a way to heal ourselves. It's another Video Game Logic type, but at least it makes sense. Food from the older games like Castlevania was used as Health Packs which feels like a contradiction seeing that food was most likely to be rotten anyway.

Dwarfs can't destroy this.

I love puzzles in games. It breaks the flow of the action and add verity into the game. How can an old civilization come up with all these complicated contraption to hide something? You play a game like Tomb Raider and see all the knobs, wheels, and whatnot to make a puzzle maze. Obviously, the same can be said about the real world on why and who made Stonehenge. While Stonehenge is a smaller site, some of the sites used in the Uncharted series makes me wonder how something so big can never be found. You could say that the mountains covered Shambhala or that the sand covered Ubar. But why go through all that trouble when a simple internet search can help you find it. Before Nathan Drake and his friends found the cities they had a map of where the cities could be at. It could take awhile, but it's a lot safer than to deal with Spiders and a small army of guys that wants to kill you.

The level design itself is full of Video Game Logic. See that row of chest high walls? Yeah, there will be a fight there soon. While it would be fine of these sections of a room, they just make it obvious that, yeah, you are about to see some heavy resistance. They should not make it as obvious. You can go into a room and only see one corner of a wall that leads to no where and then when you come back, that one wall is all you have. It makes the combat more intense and more erratic.


There are SO many video game troupes we come to expect on a game these days that we don't even notice it. Should some of these more noticeable Video Game Logic still exist? No, games that uses Med packs are becoming rarer and rarer. Should some of these Video Game Logic still be around? Absolutely, Only have a couple of weapons instead of having a full arsenal is taking away from experimentation. Something that older games thrived on. I want games to be fun. Nothing more Nothing less. I have no problem with Video Game Logic. But there should be some that should only stay within the confines of the setting.

So I leave you with one of my favorite pictures around the net.

How can you drown, when you already did?
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