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Pocketoid Episode 11 - Mario Kart 7 & Pushmo, Also Episode 12 Records Tonight

HOLY BALLS WE DID IT!! We finally made a new episode and posted it! We hope to get an episode out every week, we will do our best. Here we have this weeks episode.

This week we discuss Mario Kart 7, Pushmo, and sooooo many other games. We also obviously had to do a lot of catch up. Again, were so sorry for all the suck we did, but all should be well now. We should be recording again tonight and hope to have that episode out within a week. Were all pretty busy with other responsibilities so it can be tough to get these out as fast as some of the other podcasts out there.

Since were recording again tonight, it would be super rad if you guys asked us some questions. Tonight we'll most likely discuss Resident Evil: Revelations, as well as oh ... I don't know ... maybe samurais or something. You can ask us questions related to any of those things, or something completely different. We really don't care, just ask us questions!

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