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Multiplayer Stereotypes: Let's Classify Them

Saying that almost everyone on this dear website has had some experience playing an online multiplayer game wouldn’t be a stretch. There are millions of people that make up these online games and similar to reality itself, there seems to be certain stereotypes that players fall into. Only recently had I noticed this and I took it upon myself to look deeper into the matter. After drawing up numerous tables, graphs and crunching the figures, I have come across 4 common but no less dangerous, annoying (or hilarious in some cases) stereotypes that match up perfectly with characters from popular television shows. Coincidence? I think not. Spread the word folks, it may save somebodies life.

The Jeff Winger

Appearing seemingly uninterested and too “cool” to care, we all are divided between hating him and wishing we were him. With the ego the size of his forehead, the scary part is he can be half as good as he thinks he is. Deep down however he yearns for the approval of others and when staring into the face of defeat, don’t be surprised if you see him step up to take on the leader role that has fallen into his lap and snatch victory.

The Barney Stinson

He may be one of your most loyal friends in the world or someone you have never met, this doesn’t change the fact he has a weakness and for this particular character, it’s women. You just played 14 rounds of your favorite FPS together? Boom and he’s gone before you can blink your eyelids and starts flirting with the new person in the lobby who sounds just slightly feminine. (Beware; they do come in charming and disturbing variants.)

The Patrick Stars

How could anyone be this stupid? You’re not entirely sure and it doesn’t honestly matter. Although it’s annoying you can’t stay mad cause somehow… Someway you just picture this little kid with the biggest smile, struggling to understand what the online instruction “Press the circle” means while running around in circles, maybe trying to shoot down The Jetson’s, who knows. Fair warning, if you care about winning; avoid this player at all costs.

The Coyote

If for one second you outplay this guy, you will regret it. He becomes beyond obsessed and forgets all about the objective and does everything in his power to take you down. Team killing. Elaborate traps. Suicide runs. Nothing is out of the question as long as he gets his target in the end. It is hilarious to witness, and even funnier if you’re able to outwit him constantly as he becomes more desperate.

These were just 4 stereotypes I came up with a incredibly sleep deprived brain so go ahead and add any more that you can come up with in the comments below! Even better, what type of player are you?
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