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Home dude be dissin' my Role Playing Games


I wuv action rpgs

The other thing I keep hearing from people is that no one will remember Skyrim. That games like Tetris will long out-live all RPG's because grinding and mediocre story will be the death of RPG's. But there they go again, making their own definitions up of what games should or shouldn't be. The only way I've ever seen a definition of a thing changed or a definition invented is when someone actually does something of note, like when Nintendo made Zelda changed what we thought of the action RPG genre.

RPG: It's a pretty solid genre. It's what's for dinner. People love to buy those games when they are done well. Just look at Skyrim. Lots of people have things to say about them, and lots of gamers want more. You can bash RPG's as much as you want, but they aren't going anywhere. The future of RPG's is great! They are our holodecks until technology finally catches up with Star Trek. Will games like Tetris leave them in the dust? I think Tetris will be remembered, sure... But those game types will be around like Chess is, for the hobbyists. Games like Skyrim are out there for everyone who wants to experience what it is like to slay dragons. Games like Tetris will lie dormant for the occasional hobbyist to play inside the awesome RPG that they're playing. Thank you for reading.
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