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A New Year's Gaming Resolution!


Well Dtoid I've finally decided on my New Year's Gaming Resolution!

Beat 60 different games by the end of 2012

It came to me easily enough, I was looking at my backlog of games and finally decided that I need to get to it and finally beat all the games I have. See Dtoid, the thing is, I was always rather low on funds and being low on funds as a child I was never quite able to play a lot of games that most others played in their hay day, and while rentals were available I simply can't bring myself to beat something I don't own, wait, that doesn't sound right. So as a young adult I have fulfilled getting games I have yet to experience but considering the rather large pile I have acquired over the years I have, well, not played/ beaten any of them yet, first world problems, you know? I have been too busy in getting these games to begin with that I have not experienced them yet, and thus ruining the very purpose of getting these games to begin with.
What are these games? Well, they range from Chrono Trigger to Final Fantasy 7 to Dark Cloud to Dragon Quest Series itself. I have missed a lot of good/great RPGs and as a collector and gamer I shall make it my duty to go into my backlog and play at least 60 games that I have yet to play and beat them! Of course, not all these games are RPGs or good, but at the very least I need to start cleaning that backlog of mine and what better way then by stating it as a new year's resolution! I mean who goes back on those?!

So for these 60 games I have decided to set a few rules to make sure I get there and do my duty as a gamer, collector, and amateur writer person.
1) It must be a game I have not played before.
2) I have from Jan. 1 till Dec. 31st of 2012 to get these games beat or I guess Dec. 21st (just in case)
3) I must report my impressions of each game I beat to the nice people of the Internets.

Considering that I have a few games already lined up at the end I figure I'd start with those and move up in my backlog. Hopefully this can bring me closer to my gaming roots and make me a better gamer in general. So that's my resolution, I wonder if other people have some of their own...Hmmm I guess I'll never know...unless...
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