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Resolutions: There Can Be Only One

It is very rare I make any New Year Resolutions of any kind. I said to a friend once two weeks before the New Year that my resultion was to stop eating sweets, in reply she said "Start now, the majority of New Year resolutions people make don't last past the end of January." I thought about this a lot since then and I believe she had the right idea. So in turn I made a so called "Resolution" about a week ago. There is only one. Drum roll please, because this will knock your socks off... it is: Don't buy a new game if I haven't already finished the one I'm playing. Yes, epic right?(Not really.)

In November I made a grave mistake. I bought both Skyrim and Skyward Sword on their release dates which I believe were little over a week apart. A week was not enough time to play Skyrim to its fullness and feel I could move on to Skyward Sword. However, I did it anyways feeling the desperate need to play them both apon thier release dates. Skyward Sword sidetracked me from Skyrim, which I did put in a impressive 60 hours, but it was not enough. After 20 hours of Skyward Sword I got sidetracked again by Saints Row The Third. That however was not my fault as my boyfriend had bought it for himself. This was a big sidetracking though as I finished the entire game putting in more then 30 hours. Then I returned to Skyrim leaving Skyward Sword left neglected.

Maybe this doesn't bother most gamers as they may like keeping it constantly different. Me, I hate leaving any game unfinished while moving on to an other. I am a completionist, but my desire to play games as soon as they are released usual thwarts that plan. As a result poor Skyward Sword is now sitting on my shelf collecting dust after only a few hours of play. On top of that, this kind of habbit can be a strain on ones finances. Its a bad habbit all over, baby.

So having this happen to me time and time again never learning my leason this year I will try. As badly as I want Mario Kart 7 AND Super Mario 3D Land, I will wait. I will finish Skyrim then finish Skyward Sword to finally move on to something new. Maybe with this my conscience can rest easy over video games.
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How'd I get into gaming. Go figure I was only three years old. It was past the NES era and even the SNES had been out for sometime now. But my family was poor and I knew little about anything games. I was only freakin' three years old afterall.

My dad could finally afford an NES so he bought one from a pawn shop one day. He got SUper MArio Bros. 1 ,2 and 3, Duck Hunt, the first Lolo, and Kirby's Adventure. My dad wanted to play SMB3 first, so he showed my brother how to do it. I was blown away watching my dad teach my brother how to play. All I could say after that was gimme, gimme, gimme, I want a turn. I will never forget how amazing SMB3 seemed to me. So I played and played. After that I went on to our other games and beat those ones up too.

I started out with an NES, but thats not where it stopped. My dad later bought an SNES. By then me and my two brothers were heavy into games and begged our mother to buy us an N64. I will never forget how awesome Super MArio 64 was and the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. After that we begged my mother for a gamecube. By now I was playing video games the most and could beat my brothers hands down at anything.

I got a job. I started to buy my own games and systems from there. My brothers had fallen out of the video game scene and I was the kid no one wanted to play video games with. I bought myself a Wii and soon after an XBox360, future plans are with a PS3 as well. On top of th I haved owned every Nintendo portable system... besides a Virtual Boy.

I don't do online multiplayer, nor do I play games for Multiplayer. I play them for the one player experiences. But if you wanted to come to my house and play some Left4Dead, I wouldn't turn you down. I just much prefer the face to face method of playing multiplayer. I ain't a competitive person so your gamer score doesn't mean a dime to me.

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