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Resolutions: Fuck off Steam and your sales!

Well 2011 had no gaming resolutions as I knew itíd be a crap year. I did foolishly believe I could drop below 14 stone. Back then I was about 15 and a half. Now I am closing in on 16 stone but I have been hitting the gym at least 3 times a week in the last month. But 2012 will be different. I will challenge myself over this new year.

My first resolution of the year will be to try and review a game in each quarter of the year. More if itís possible but start with one every three months. The main reason being was that I enjoyed reviewing games when I was younger, in the college years. I had the time to play them. I just had a Gamecube and a shit PC. Times were simple back then. Now I write a paragraph. Think itís utter bollocks and delete the file and never start over. I think trying to write about small games will help. Also any tips and info any reviewers have will be welcome too... Unfortunately America is a long way for me to go to give blowjobs. ;)

My 2nd will be to play more Starcraft 2. I used to play until the end of last year where I was managing to reach the silver league. But since then I am getting battered by every bronze league player that is coming in, mainly because I took a 6 month hiatus. I have already took some steps towards this. I have a spanky new Razer Starcraft 2 Spectre mouse and Marauder keyboard, it handily flashes alerts at me during matches (so far itís helped me notice whatís happening). Plus I have been playing about 5 games a week so far. All losses but I am learning from mistakes and soon one day. Only the gold league players will be left and eventually I will drag one down to my level and win!

My final resolution is to hammer through my backlog of games and stop looking at the Steam sales. Every Steam sale week has given me up to 20 games in a week that I will end up buying on impulse. Like I bought Serious Sam 3 because it was half price along with the Serious Sam Indie games as they look fun to have a go as well! What have I become! Does all my disposable income have to go on games! It could be befitting myself with money towards a new house. Even a new car! But it just goes on Steam sales! But once I stem the tide of buying things. Hopefully the number of games I will be still playing will drop too.

But thatís it. I think Iíve set myself enough gaming resolutions that I believe I can complete before the end of next year. Hopefully I'll get back on track with losing weight as well.
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