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C-Blog Interviews: Holiday Special


The holidays are a good time to look back and figure out what made you happy the past couple of months. Ignoring the higher crime rates around this time the feeling of goodwill, generosity, and cheer are all around and its good to always be surrounded by this positive energy.

With that in mind let's see what some of the people around Destructoid are thankful for~


I am thankful for all the great friends I have. This includes everyone
I got to know at Destructoid while working on volume 1 of the
community album. I have never come across a community with such great
people before. People that genuinely care and support one another. I
never expected to find my home at a gaming community, where people are
usually filled with piss and anger for some reason. But Destructoid is
different. Destructoid is just great people. I am also thankful for my
girlfriend. We will have been together 12 years next February and
we're still going strong (although next year is a make or break year
for me in general). She has always stood beside me even during the
hardest times of my life. She is the main reason I'm still alive

Happy Holidays.

Hamza Aziz

I'm thankful for my amazing hair.



What am I thankful for this holiday? Well, I can certainly appreciate that so many incredible games came out in the past few months. So many that it's already the end of the year and I'm still playing catch-up. No boring January game woes for me.

It's also a blessing that my PC is so obsolete at this point that there is no chance I can get completely addicted to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Instead, I can keep up with my job as a video game news writer; a role I obtained solely through my time and experience as a Destructoid C-Blogger.

But, most of all, I'm thankful that even though my contributions to the C-Blogs have fallen off sharply, that doesn't stop me from getting to play games with the best of the best of the Dtoid community on a regular basis. You're all the best.


This answer might be common among our group but:

I'm most thankful for getting to meet most of my Dtoid friends this year at PAX. I literally met everyone I wanted to meet and then some. It was the best 4 days of my life. :)


What Am I Most Thankful For This Holiday...

Obviously I'm thankful for a group of family and friends that allow me to have a hobby like this. I'm thankful for a community that (I assume) likes my writing enough to actually finish a blog when I get long winded. I'm thankful that I have enough money to pay for this hobby and when I don't, I am thankful this hobby has gotten large enough to facilitate some freebies here and there. I'm thankful that I have yet to get baited in to a fanboy war and I'm thankful that there are people that care enough to help bolster these hobbies I enjoy.

That's all the mushy stuff though, simply enough, I'm thankful that after 20 full years of gaming, I can still find something fascinating in the products I pick up. I remember blowing in cartridges, anti-piracy wheels and being absolutely amazed by Tetris. To be able to look at games after this period of time with a new angle and a new interest is what I'm thankful for.

Most importantly, I'm thankful to the people that have taken their time to think of me as a part of the Destructoid community. I'm a really reserved kind of person who doesn't throw himself out there much, but when I do, people haven't pushed me aside or ignored me. That's something I'm super appreciative of.

I love you guys and have a happy holidays ya'll.


What am I most thankful for?

Of course I am thankful to my friends and my family but that's kind of a given in my waking world. They'll always be badass to me. When I think about everything this site and the people on it have done for me, I am floored. The friends I have made on Destructoid and having the chance to write my nonsensical rainbow thought ejaculations that people seem to like. Its simply wonderful. I say this thing about making an e-house into an e-home when it comes to Destructoid. What that means to me is that Destructoid isnt simply about video games or news or the C-Blogs or Forums or Outer Heaven. Its about the people. The personalities and the voices. The inside jokes and the silliness. (I mean, "Also, Cocks" could and should be an album title.) It has given me renewed faith in others (except those white people who wear crocs) and in a sense myself. I have found acceptance and love and friendship here and I will always be grateful for that. I can never repay Destructoid and my friends here for every lovely moment and happy smile, but I can try, one picture of an erotic puppet show at at time.

Bill Zoeker

All of my friends I've met at Destructoid as well as fit Asian boys dressed as mercenary pirates.


Well, I was going to give my typical answer to "what are you most thankful for?" but I noticed you affixed the qualifier, "this holiday", which scopes down the question quite a bit. Well, for this specific holiday, I'm thankful for good family in town, really good food we're cooking, good games we're playing (Rayman: Origins!), and all around good times.

Johnny Luchador

This holiday Season, I am most thankful for those little Umbrellas they put in my drinks. For they protect my beverage from liquids that may be falling from the sky or from rogue Rudos trying to use cross arm bars on me and remove my mask. I am also thankful this holiday season for all the support from Destructoid for believing in Bill Zoeker and I on our live broadcasts. For the community has been wonderful in giving two guys a chance to entertain and unite the gaming community. I finally am thankful for the chance that Rajin Cajun: Bayou Billy 2 might happen in 2012, we can hope, dream and fight for this awesome prophecy to become a reality.


In real life? I'm most thankful for my amazing family. I know its a somewhat worn and trite answer, but its true. Life would not be worth living without them.

In videogameland? DARK SOULS BABY. I love it when devs aren't afraid to break the mould and risk alienating the mainstream, and Dark Souls breaks every rule in the modern design book.


SWTOR and the Steam Holiday Sale. Bought the Humble Indie Bundle~


Much like Zoeker, I am thankful for all the friends I made thanks to Destructoid and the TwitchTv channel oh and vidja games

Brett Zeidler

This Holiday Season I'm thankful for the most amazing year I've ever had; getting hired on at Destructoid as a contributor, all the now close friends I've met this year through the community of Dtoid and finally starting to study computer science, which is what I've always wanted to do ever since I could remember. All these experiences have shaped the person I am today and I absolutely can't wait to see what's in store for me in 2012.


I'm thankful for #BestSkypetoid.

Mr. Andy Dixon

I'm most thankful for my daughter. Watching her eyes light up as she discovers new things reminds me that there's still wonder left in the world, and for that I owe her more than I'll ever be able to repay.

These are just a handful of Dtoiders~

What are you guys thankful for this holiday?

Happy Holidays everyone. Stay warm, eat well, and be happy~
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