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A Very Failblog Christmas

Merry Christmas Destructoid! Chances are if youíre reading this youíre having a lovely time relaxing by the warm glow of the internet, or, you had to get the hell out of there and let your brain rest for a minute, either way my mind-dulling insipid dronings should put you at ease for the moment. Not really much point to this post, I saw all the Christmas cheer flying around on Christmas Eve and just thought Iíd throw another Yule log on the fire.

I really do love this place, the staff are constantly amazing, turning videogame news into videogame entertainment on an hourly basis, and are genuine, nice people who care about games at it shows in everything they write. And the community, you people are just astounding, I honestly lack the verbal fortitude to adequately describe the feelings of utter delight you inspire in me, you people are what make this place feel like home.

Home, thatís a word Iíve heard a lot recently from people talking about Destructoid, but I think it holds true, itís hard to imagine something you could call home in something as intangible as a website but thatís how I, and apparently many others, feel about this place. And itís all thanks to the support and continual reassurance of the community, yes you, reading this right now, thank you.

Iíd love to mention a few of the people I appreciate in particular, I would love to name names, but I canít, I know I would forget someone and Iíd hate for anybody to be left out. Iíd also love to say something like ďyou know who you areĒ but chances are you donít, you donít know the positive effects youíve had on my life, so Iíll just thank everyone, thank you to the staff, who keep this ship afloat and never fail to entertain, thank you to the community, who have made this a place where the worst case scenario for openly stating you opinion is an interesting debate and always motivate me to try and write better blogs for you, and thank you so much Neiro for giving us this place to call home.

Iíll stop now, if this blog gets any sweeter it would literally be a kitten covered in syrup, and then the syrup would harden and petrify the kitten inside, and then I would carry the syrup-stasis kitten around on a walking stick like the guy from Jurassic Park. Iíd have liken to do something a little more creative but instead why donít we remember that poem I wrote and imagine all the references I made were still relevant.

Merry Christmas!
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