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Convention Madness - Gamex 2011


Looks like as Anthony Burch isn't the only one craving Snake (sorry Henrik but it was inevitable)

Sweden's sole gaming convention ďGamexĒ came and went and ever since then Iíve been catching myself reminiscing about it quite a lot so I figured that I might as well write the blog I promised to write a while back.*Ahem*

So was it as glorious as I imagined it to be or did I catch some of that journalistic pessimism thatís inevitable going to turn me into Old Snake with my only purpose in life being sneaking up on kids in the street telling them about the horrors of conventions? Hell if I know! Letís see if I can remember what went down at Gamex 2011!

There are loads of pictures in the bottom of the blog if you want to brush your eyes over a bunch of photos consisting mostly of my friend Henrik posing in what to me then seemed like ingeniously hilarious scenarios.

Itís the truth!

So hereís a rundown of what I think happened at Gamex2011!

Diablo 3

So I was a pretty avid Diablo 2 player back in the days but I wasnít nearly as dedicated as some of my friends where. With of them having multiple max leveled characters on the nightmare difficulty level while keeping several bot servers up to farm for the best gear available I couldnít hope to compete with them. And now with Diablo 3 on the horizon most of my friends , even my not so videogame interested ones are going around telling everybody how their lives will come to a halt when Diablo 3 launches. I would be lying if I where to say that this enthusiasm wasnít contagious. And judging the lines to the Diablo 3 booth at Gamex Sweden seems to be experiencing a Diablo epidemic. Blizzard is once again head to head against an enormous hype wave , could they possibly live up to expectations this time around?

Itís hard to judge the game with my 20 minutes I had with it, which to me felt like 5 seconds. But from what I experienced it did retain the drop in and in seconds you will be clicking on monsters instant gratification mentality that was part of the earlier games success. I changed the settings so that others could join my server hoping to play with my friend that sat beside me, but this turned out to be a great misstake. This enabled a hoard (3 players) of snotty preteen brats to join my game and before I realized what was happening I got be showered with XP as they where just clicking on everything and completing quests at an insane rate. Making for a *chough* fairly rushed experience as my Witchdoctor would sprint trough fields of deceased corpses following the trail that would lead me where I was needed. Playing the Witchdoctor felt a bit like playing the Necromancer in Diablo 2 with his summon undead dog spell which produces 3 allies to attack your enemies, and his otherwise ranged attacks.

Unfortunately and facepalmworthy I never figured out how to get my new spells down in the action bar so I never got to try out any other stuff than his wand attack and his dogs. In the town of the area you could enter a tavern and from there enter others rooms which to me hinted to a more character driven story, as I presume that you could go there later and get quests from there, but also worried me a bit. It seems foolish to make separate rooms for some characters if it results in a loading screen, I would rather see them all gathered together. But this is just taken from one town in a early part of the game so I guess Iím getting a bit too worked up over a small detail. But If it happens and everyone complains about it you heard it here first !

The demo ended in a gigantic boss fight against the first real threat of the game which was a giant skeleton that appeared just as you where to save good old Decard Cain from his captures in a underground tomb. And while my run was kind of a lackluster thanks to my own stupidity I remain confident in that Blizzard will manage to pull off another amazing Diablo game.

Mass Effect 3 ( Co-op)

When they announced that ME3 would get a co-op component I wasnít all that excited mainly because it just sounded like a cheap tack-on that some high up director had issued because he once saw a popular game that had co-op. And though Iím not complaining that we are getting more for our buck Iím fearing that they will take out some of the horsepower from making a great single player experience to insert into a half hearted co-op mode. Samit was pretty much spot on with his preview of the mode, while it feels pretty nice, itís just that, pretty nice. Nothing special here just the typical horde mode with a few objectives thrown into the mix like activate nearby terminals or other stuff like that. What bugged me was the lack of a proper radar , because more often than not I would have no idea where the enemies where until they where right next to me. It didnít help that I got to be my least favorite class the solider either, a class who just wields guns and had just one biotic-power that was boosting the power of your bullets and giving you a steadier aim. I also received a pretty weak bolt action sniper rifle that couldnít even come close to the overpowered automatic sniper rifle in ME2.

So thatís that, itís a fun diversion but if youíve played any kind of hoard mode in a modern shooter youíve pretty much already played it. And while Iím not very excited about it Iím still eager to see if they can manage to make it more interesting by adding stuff to it.


I did play my 3DS in the PSP VITA line, If only Scoville was there to witness the glory! Can I get my holofoil rebel card now please? No, but seriously if youíre going to one of these conventions standing in line is going to be a huge part of it, so if youíre not a god at making small talk I suggest you bring one of those handheld gizmos or just a smart phone that doesnít suck, trust me time will fly away! To my despair there wasnít a lot of other 3DS users who wanted or could battle me in Street Fighter 4 so most of the time in line was spent honing my skills in Street fighter 4ís training mode (I really suck at pulling of those circle motions, how are you supposed to be able to do them without just spinning the nub round like crazy?! ARGTH!). I barely had 5 minutes with the Vita so I canít really make a definitive judgment but Uncharted was, well Uncharted and you could climb up walls by tapping on ledges which is cool I guess, but pretty unnecessary too. So thatís that letís move on!

I forced Henrik to stand in line with me for Mw3 which mostly consisted of 13 year old kids which I found endlessly entertaining for several reasons as I would mock my Henrik in the same manner that a 13 year old kid would. What was even funnier was that I had accumulated ungodly amounts of gas thanks to many pit stops to the "help (read:weasel) yourself to a cup o coffee" stand. Said gas was unfortunately leaked just as we were herded into a cramped area minutes before it was our turn to play. I didnít even know that you could make faces like that!

MW4 Was, well, Call of duty modern warfare. We played the co-op horde esque mode which is always fun if you play it with a friend, I hired a bunch of mercenaries to help me and Henrik fend off the rude men and rabid dogs that tried to infiltrate our beautiful summer vacation house, speaking of men, where is the women in MW3? War never changes I suppose, or something like that. The most heart wrenching moment though? That I never got to show the Activision people the note that I got from Mom that said that I could play Modern Warfare like the rest of the kids. Oh life, youíre so harsh to me!

One night I and my friend Henrik was sitting around watching Swedish TV (which is an unexplored dimension of entertainment for me, for good reasons) and playing games. So I was once again honing my skills in Street fighter 4ís training mode when I suddenly heard some super sweet 8 bit music and went Ė Woah , whatís that sound?

Enter Tecmo Cup Soccer. Basically the sports game Iíve always wanted to play and itís only been out for 20 or so years before I discover it?! Bah! It has a rocking 8 bit soundtrack, which is slightly reminiscent of Capcomís Duck-tales games. I swear, every time I hear this attacking theme music starts my head begins bobbin, it will never go away! It plays like a RPG where you choose what to do next at certain points such as, pass, shoot etc. And certain characters are better fitted doing certain tasks so youíve got to have that in mind too as you make you decisions. There is also a wide range of wacky personalities and teams to face off against each with their own superpower! Ever met a team of werewolfís in soccer? Didnít think so! Now whoís the pansy one American football? Hah!

I also got to play the new Ninja Gaiden game Ninja Gaiden 3 which was probably the game I had most fun playing on the con. If youíve ever played one of the previous 3D Ninja Gaiden games youíll be instantly familiar with it, thereís a light medium and heavy attack button (if you hold the heavy one youíll charge a attack that makes you go into a small cut scene killing people, which I abused like hell). You can also use ninpo magic if your bar is high enough and throw shirurkens, and when your demon arm thing is glowing after youíve slaughtered enough people you can execute a super attack. You know standard stylish action game stuff. I played it on the hardest difficulty they had on that build which was apparently higher than the one in the build they used on the Eurogamer con in London, but did pretty well despite. It was obviously one of the earlier levels in the game (you were killing stuff in Britain) which may explain why I didnít get my ass completely (raped).

Then I went to a Gaming concert and it was magical!

Gamers Xmas is a slightly Christmas themed concert based of the noble idea that gamers should come together during the holidays to rock out to wonderful , oh so wonderful video game music. Luckily they were present at Gamex with a short piece of their concert to give people a taste of whatís to come in their even grander full concert that takes place sometime soon. Probably my favorite part of anything considering how close to my heart videogame music is Gamers Xmas really blew me away. One of the main guys David Westerlund did also set up Castlevania the concert a while ago here in Sweden, now thatís dedication!

I think the whole thing started with Donkey Kong country favorite ďGang-Plank GallonĒ which never fails to get a crowd of nerds jumping. Also present was an awesome performance of Kenís theme from Street fighter 2. And to my big surprise portal 2ís ending song ďnow I only want you goneĒ which I voted for in the poll they had pre-show and it did make it into the performance, with a surprisingly sweet vocal performance. I just have so much sympathy for that song because of how it inevitably will be compared to the beast of catchiness that is the original Portalís ending song ďStill AliveĒ, what a terrible (night to have a curse) fate huh?

I jumped like a maniac and cried like a baby, videogame music concerts is where itís at! Seriously , how can playing The Moon Theme from Ducktales with a orchestra not send you shivers down you spine? Not your cup of tea huh? Well how about some awesome metal Megaman music?

Indie representation

According to the ďwhat do you want to know about GamexĒ blog I posted before the con you guys wanted to know more of the Indie stuff happening over here and I got it! -Kind of. One of the more amazing happenings at the con where when I and Henrik got the privilege to check out a small project from a student called Clockwork , a game that had you controlling 2 dials ( 1 for each clock ) in order to maneuver time (forward or backward momentum) and the seasons which was necessary in order to progress further. An example would be that you had to make it winter to cross a lake or make it summer to grow a log that you could use to advance etc.

Then came the last room of the game, and it had us scratching our heads overtime, whatever we tried we couldnít relieve the poor man at the other side of the room from his terrible fate of being crushed by the wrath of a lone crate passing by. And soon found ourselves clinging to the producer of the game for hints. Ė He told us, is there another thing on the cabinet that you can interact with? Both me and Henrik looked at each other and almost in tandem realized the obvious, and as we did we both smashed the stopwatch looking device in the middle of the cabinets control area. Time froze and we could safely rescue our loving sketchy looking man. Brining that AHA! - Feeling that you got when you first started comprehending the mechanics in brilliant and complex puzzle-games such as Portal or Braid. Oh god, it was magnificent!

I played Neva which is a strange little indie game featuring a big busted Gaia from Captain Planet lookalike. Seriously , look at those pillows!

We got to play a pre-alpha build of Fields of Glory which is a team-based 3D arena brawler currently in development ( think , WOW arena but in real time). You could select different abilities and attacks during your wait between spawns to use that in combat making for some a nice balance between frantically clicking the mouse-buttons to attack and strategic planning , better stuff was more expensive to buy than the ordinary ones and currency was accumulated by killing others.It was fun and pretty frantic due to the fact that there was a score boosting area in the middle that everyone wanted a piece of as it would appear from time and time making for some good o'l mayhem.

I tried a Machinarium looking platform puzzle game that had you controlling a cute little robot doing stuff called Unmechanical, looks promising , no?

Here is some random stuff that happened, not arranged in any particular order!

-There was a Doom clone but instead of blasting demons you where blasting psychotic reindeers (If I remember correctly). And the gruff solider has been replaced with a gruff Norse man complete with liquor powerups!

-I played the original Pacman arcade game ( I think ) and I pretty much sucked at it, the winner got over 100,000 points (I think ) and I barely managed to get 36,000 points or something , but it was my first try, so I wasnít expecting a miracle. I really see why people like that game so much though. It seems as youíre fucked if you donít collect as much points as possible in the earlier levels though. Ah well, maybe next time.

-There where some truly epic E sports battles in everything from Super Street Fighter 4 to Starcraft 2, constantly running on a huge projector screen while people would scream and cheer from the huge crowd, I like it!

And thatís about it, overall we had a pretty damn "happy fun-time" at Gamex 2011, here, take some pictures, just keep your distance from giant freaking psychotic rapist Mario!

No sugar?! What is this which craft?

Henrik being moderately awfull at Megaman 9 , god, Splashwoman's theme is the stuff!

We beat Metalslug , uh, 1? This is the secret behind our victory, HURRY MASH THE CONTINUE BUTTON!

Damn it Nintendo of America , you ruined my mocking material!

Paint your own Locust maquette, wait WHAT?

Hey Fox, where's slippy , oh .. I see , I'm sorry for you , uh , loss..? Wait, what are those people around them doing`?

I couldn't contain myself, Well EXCUSE ME......

Just watch it will you? It's amazing!

This is what I meant with Henrik posing by random stuff.


I guess I should read one of these one day, recommendations ? The freaking Ico book was outsold :(

I have no idea who the blue meanie is but I kind of want this

Getting there Henrik.. getting there.

God, I need that Murlock suit to scare my neighbors even more than I already do!

Another GIMME! - moment.

There's just something I find really unsettling with this guy, he also did play super loud (hey let's blow the speakers up!) Nintendo music which was pretty freaky too!

Now that's what I call art!

Want overpriced video-game art? We got you covered!

Want! Somehow this got me thinking about Occams, good times!

Meatboy looking indie game, can't recall the name though :(

Ugh I'm pooped , Dtoid really needs an "upload tons of pictures and select all of them feature". Good thing that I'm currently taking a HTML course :) Niero....fix it fix it fix it!
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