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I Was Once a Blogger but Now I'm but a Pie


Hey guys...Remember me? Neither do I.

It's been a while hasn't it. It's been a loooooong while. I missed you guys. I missed you guys a lot. Remember when we used to have adventures? Like that time you and I and that peasant from the village we kidnapped to guide the way fought that evil demon lord and he was like "Woah!" and we were like "You suck!" and then he was like "Okay." and he was all sad. Then we slayed him and won life...Those were better times.

Gone: The Law of Thermal Dynamics Story

So I guess the reason for my disappearance could be attributed to three things.

1.) Finals. Those things suck and was all sorts of not fun times.

2.) Lack of games. After moving out of the house and into a dorm I didn't have a television to play games with so what else could I talk about? Sports?!?!?!

3.) I got a writing gig over at Twinfinite. Yeah I guess someone felt sorry enough for me to decide I could awkwardly sew together sentences for them. I write about anime now and get all the girlfriends so that's fun.

Games: The alternative fuel

Since my lack of tv has limited my experience with any major console release I have discovered very late in the game the joys of Steam. Would you believe me if I told you that you could play games on a computer? I know I shat bricks too.

So with that I've finally got around to play Super Meat Boy which is hard as balls. as balls


I also finally downloaded Psychonauts which is fun as balls.

There are a lot of balls in my life now.

Now that I'm home though I've finally started on the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and let me tell you this secret....

No come a little closer....

...a little closer.

.......I like it.

Like Tom Hanks I drift with a volleyball named Wilson

So I didn't have my usual group of Xbox live ne'er do wells to talk life with due to the whole "television" thing. Luckily Twitter is the dwelling of my favorite Dtoiders so there was that but what about the C-Blogs? I haven't been here in weeks and I feel bad and at the same time lost for I hardly recognize it anymore.

Most likely it is my fault for not being here for so long and hopefully this blog will ease me back into writing whatever mundane thought enters my head...

Nutella is fucking delicious.

And with creepy stalker-ish resolve I vow to make our relationship....stronger

So hopefully we can re-establish this thing that we used to have. With me commenting and writing and you, commenting and writing and together we will both be commenting and writing....and stuff.

New bloggers whom I haven't met yet. Hi, I love you.

Old bloggers I haven't spoken to in a while. Hi, I love you.


I'd change my avatar to something Christmas-y but Penguins with automatic weapons already scream Christmas motherfucker! so I'll leave it at that.


So good friend FameDesigner is now engaged to his girlfriend! Both are fabulous people whom I've had the pleasure of meeting and we should all congratulate them!!!

Good Bye

Good Bye.

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