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Xenophilia: Mother 3


I have digressed a bit though. Mother 3 is a wonderful game full of wonderful things that just happened to stay in its native country. And to be honest? I'm not surprised that it never made it to the west. Nintendo of America saw the poor sales of Earthbound and saw that Mother 3 wouldn't be any more marketable to the average american. It's a damn shame because it would have been really special for the few people who would have discovered it, but I'm no more surprised by NOA's decision than I would be by any television network's decision to cancel an extremely well-written, critical darling that nobody was tuning in to watch. All is not lost though! Some extremely devoted fans managed to translate Mother 3 in it's entirety in English and it is available somewhere in the vast wild west of the internet. I know that it's piracy but at this time, it's the only way to experience this truly unique game that really needs to be experienced. So if you're cool with that, go to it! You won't regret it!
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