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Tales from Skyrim: Khajiit Zaide's Journal

[Disclaimer: First, spoilers will be found here. I want this to be read like a journal you would find in the game; therefore no pictures will be included because I feel it takes away from the effect. Since I can�t write in the game this will have to be my character�s �journal�. Here is a picture of the inspiration for my character: Mittens. In any case, enjoy!]

The Beginning:

I was born in Elsweyr and lost my parents early due to clan rivalry. A caravan, lead by Ahkari, heading to Skyrim found me on the side of the road hungry and abandoned, so they took me in. I traveled with them and learned the art of trading, but most importantly I gained a hunger for adventuring. During my travels I became interested in books and other writings left behind by the people of Tamriel. I learned to appreciate all kinds of writing and the elder Khajiit taught me how to read and write. I loved collecting the notes and journals of others because it is like having a piece of history in your hands, a way to forever remember the person who took the time to write something down. Currently my houses around Skyrim are filled with such books and personal writings. In Skyrim I learned about the racism that plagues the land. Throughout my life I have been associated with a mere house cat, threatened to be made into a rug, and always looked down upon as a common thief. In one instance I received a scar under my right eye from the mace of a Nord in what was called a �misunderstanding�. I was merely trying to help the Nord�s wife locate her ring, when I found it the Nord believed I had stolen it and swung his mace at me in punishment. The elders told me not to involve myself with such trifles, but I could not resist. I felt my life had more purpose than a common caravan trader, I knew I was destined to change the way the world viewed the Khajiit. I was to better the name of our race and bring honor to my ancestors.


After having spent many years with Ahkari's caravan, I left to seek my own fortunes. I believe they still travel around Skyrim with their wares; I recently helped Kharjo recover a stolen amulet from a band of thieves (an easy enough request). I had little successes alone. I was in dire need of money and looking for any kind of work. One day a man offered me a job: to keep look out as he stole a horse. It was against my morals, but I had no choice. So I agreed to earn a meager 10 Septims to keep watch. The Imperial soldiers began marching through not long after, and seeing an idle Khajiit they became suspicious. They saw the stables and the horse thief and easily put two and two together. I was bound and thrown in a cart with other prisoners, a famous one, Ulfric, was gagged so as not to speak. I was told we were all to be executed. Although I did not want to die, I was not afraid. I felt upset that I accomplished so little, but I was glad to leave this world full of prejudice and hate. The dragon gave me a second chance though. I was nearly killed in the process, but was glad the Gods permitted me life. I ran as fast as I could and left with an Imperial named Hadvar. I believe I chose him because I wanted to begin with a fresh slate, to return to the world anew. I gathered all the food and alchemy supplies I could as we left Helgen and headed toward Riverwood.

Early Travels and Being Dragonborn:

Upon arriving in Riverwood and finding help amongst Hadvar�s family, I decided to help the townsfolk. Due to my travels I had come into contact with most of the towns in Skyrim, but was unable to help the people. I went to the inn to discuss the latest rumors and undertake any jobs that needed to be done. One in particular, which set my destiny in motion, involved finding a Golden Claw for the general store owner. It was located at Bleak Falls Barrow, not too far from the city. I was happy to help as the trip was a short walk from Riverwood. I arrived and cleared out the bandits residing there only to find that the task, and what I found inside, was much greater than a simple retrieval request. Battling my way to the depths of the crypt I came upon the claw and came upon a door that needed opening through a clever puzzle. After reading the note of a fallen adventurer, I looked on the palm of the claw to find the solution. I fought the �master� Draugr and defeated him through a ferocious battle, using every ounce of strength and all of my resources. While recovering from the battle I happened upon a stone tablet and a wall of writings. I had never seen such writings, but I was able to decipher a word from the wall, which I later learned meant Force (Fus). Upon returning with the claw, I set out for Whiterun.

There I was told the meaning of the tablet and explained what I had seen at Helgen to the Jarl. I was soon told to help the Jarl�s men investigate a recent dragon attack on a local watchtower. We arrived upon smoldering ash and burnt bodies when the dragon appeared. It was in the middle of the night and had to use my keen night vision to properly fight. The battle raged on for the entirety of the night with our side basking in the spoils of glory. As the sun rose, a flash of lights and sounds converged upon me as the others stared in amazement. I learned that I had absorbed the beast�s soul and was a �Dohvakin�. The soldiers were in disbelief and we hurried back to the Jarl with news of the battle and my new title. I was told to travel to Ivarstead to learn more from the Greybeards. Before my next journey I joined the Companions to see if I could learn anything whilst traveling in the company of other brave adventurers. Instead I ended up becoming a werewolf (to my annoyance) and found myself in the middle of a small war between the Circle and the Silver Hand. I hope to rid myself of this curse in the near future...

My Current Affairs:

After gaining the wisdom of the Greybeards and their master as well as the Blades', I understand what I must do: stop Alduin. The Greybeard�s ways are just, but I do not want the world to end. Perhaps when this is all over I will return to them and study their ways in further detail�For now I am working for the Thieve�s Guild. It�s strange, this conflict inside me, I want to help, but I am currently fulfilling my own stereotype. I try to justify it as a way of getting back at all the hate throughout my years. Hopefully I will be able to satiate this hunger of mine and return to helping the people of Skyrim, regardless of the hate. I have become the thane of a few Holds throughout Skyrim, it shows how hard I've worked to help the people of Skyrim and allows people to see me in a different light. Each time I become a thane, it is one step closer to my goal.

I have undertaken various tasks for the Daedra, with some more�interesting than others. I am currently helping Azurah (Azura to non-Khajiit) and have helped others like Sangiin (Sanguine) and Sheogorath. The Daedra for the Khajiit are represented differently than to others. There is no bad or good divinity and most represent important ideas related to the world and our lives. Sangiin�s was perhaps the most entertaining, traveling around Skyrim reveling with a divinity was more than one could hope for. Sheogorath was testing - delving into the mind of a madman was no easy task, I yearned for Skooma upon my return. Seeing the statue of Azurah for the first time was amazing, the caravan never had time to visit due to the strict schedule. I hope I am able to come out of this task having met and becoming familiar with the great Azurah and possibly learning more about our great ancestors.

There are too many other events to describe in words, my adventure has been a grand one and being able to reflect upon my trials and tribulations in the comfort of my Whiterun home makes me believe in a greater tomorrow. I have not given up hope in bringing honor to the Khajiit and creating a more unified Skyrim. I hope to write more if I ever find myself idle.

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