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Tales from Skyrim: I think I have won the game!

Want to hear a Skyrim story? You want a story about dragons? Well it’s got none!.. Wait! Come back! It has something just as good!

It all started when I eventually reached Whiterun and decided to join the Companions. I swung my mace at Varkis’ face to show him I mean business and he gave me some little jobs to begin with. All was good in the world of making money and killing dudes.
But eventually I took a trip out with one of the Companion guys to find a shard of hogarth or what not. I wasn’t really paying attention at the time, except he said it was my trial. We met up at a cave and started to explore the place. We were encountering folk called the Silver Hand. At the time I believed they were some kind of bandit group.
It was when I got locked in a little cave and saw my Companion buddy surrounded by a bunch of those guys. Some threats were made to my new best friend and then he turned into a motherfucking werewolf! He started slashing them folk down and ran them off. He came back eventually as a human again and had a so what attitude about me finding out the most awesome thing about him. We carried on and found the thingymabob after some more slaughtering of this Silver Hand group now I know they are the enemy of werewolves. I did good. Unfortunately when I got back with the goods they just praised my service and said I am in their group. That was all I got from the event. I was real gutted.

Fortunately good things come to those who wait. Over time I did more work and eventually Skör gave me a special request. We went to a hidden cave near the Companions hold and I saw a werewolf. He said I should recognise the huntress lady. I don’t know how, considering she usually looked like a woman. But he liked to talk about how they want to become the beast and that it shouldn’t be hidden and really talking up this business of being a werewolf. He cuts her arm and asks me to drink her blood. Naturally I accept as it’s the right thing to do and suddenly I change.
Next thing I see is myself as a werewolf. I spin round and see Lydia. She has been following me for a while and was starting to do my nut in. I instantly slash her up into ribbons and see that I can feed from her corpse. So I do just that. The screen goes dark again and I eventually awake in a forest wearing nothing but my loin cloth and epic beard. The huntress stands in front of me. She tells me what we need to do is to clear out a stronghold of Silver Hand and that Skör has already charged in. So instantly I change to a werewolf and rush my way towards the place ripping the throats out of my enemy. The huntress and I get in.
We make short work of the folk who want us dead. But I eventually meet a big guy nicknamed: The Skinner. I realise I should’ve kept feeding on folk. I change back into my human form. Armed only with my beard, it was not enough to survive from his big axe.

I tried again and this time I learnt from my mistakes. I kill the guy and learn that Skör was already killed by the bastards. I take his armour as it’s better than mine, it’s what he would’ve wanted. But it gets better, a day or so later I get a message. It says that with Lydia being killed, I will be compensated 300 gold. An added bonus is that I killed Lydia in Whiterun and no one kicked up a fuss. So I practically got away with murder and got paid for it.

The moral of the story is that werewolves are cool and not even the Nords gave a shit about Lydia!
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