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Tales from Skyrim: Ascent to Madness

SPOILER ALERT! Contains minor information about the Dark Brotherhood quest line

Whiterun was a decent place to start up my new idyllic life. After my time fighting for the Empire, Jarl Balgruuf was nice enough to offer me a home in his city as thanks for my staunch defense of the gates. Needless to say I accepted. It was of appropriate size for a man of my standing, and near the forge. I am just a humble blacksmith, spending my days at the forge and my nights with my lovely wife.

Even forging didn't feel the same as it used to

I never did see my wife again. Well I never saw her alive again. I returned to Solitude to find her on our dining table with her throat slit. Had I done this, and just blacked it out? Did someone perhaps hold a grudge against me? How could this have happened? To this day I don't how she died, but I did know I was alone. Alone and Free, and what better way to celebrate freedom than with unabashed wholesale slaughter. Thank you wife, If not for you and your constant need for appeasement I would have never embraced my gift. As my good friend Cicero the Jester says " Just... Stab, stab, stab,stab! And then... Stab, stab, stab,stab!"
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