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Tales from Skyrim: Finding Awe


Crunch. My iron clad feet made the tundra speak as I sprinted through the night to my destination. It was almost impossible not to stop and stare as I ran by streams alight with torchbugs, but the Jarl needed his dragonslayer. I spotted Irileth near the tower that was my destination; her torch revealing the position of many guards under her command. They seemed prepared as they could be given the situation. There was a roar and a beating of wings. I have never seen or heard a dragon, bu there is only one creature that can command that much respect through sound alone.

We searched the skies, but the night hid him well. The guards were taking blind shots at short glimpses of the creature, but to no avail; it was more agile than it's size would have you believe. Arrows whistled through the air just behind the creature, as if it was cutting it close to taunt it's enemies. As if it was a sign the heaven's cracked and rain poured forth, seemingly caused by the immense power of the creature goading us.

"Are you a coward, dragon? Why do you not face us?"

My reply was quick and final as the dragon landed and sent a stream of flame battering against me. I leapt from my perch on the ruins, he was fast so I needed to be faster. I could not find him without the vantage of height, but I could hear him raging around the tower. The scream of a guard was shortlived as I rounded that corner and watched the beast devour him. I took the opening and swung battleaxe with a strength only a Nord could wield. If you invade these lands dragon, you will have me to contend with.

My axe connected and the impact cause the dragon to shudder. It feels pain, and I am able to draw it's blood. I will kill this beast. The dragon took to the skies after sensing the threat I now posed. I nocked an arrow and followed it through the air, waiting for my opportunity. The dragon began to dive, it's maw widened to pour forth flame. The swift twang of my bowstring echoed in the ruins as my arrow pierced the dragons hide and sent it colliding with the ground. Now was my chance.

I sank my axe into the beast repeatedly and it was growing weak; writhing from my blows upon it's skull. Taking advantage of it's anguish, I mounted it's head. It tried to throw me but I held. This dragon was a threat, and the land of Skyrim need be rid of it, so I held. I sank the blade of the axe into the dragon as it let out it's last breath, and collapsed on the ground beneath me. In the light of the torches of the guards I began to see the creature deteriorate.

"What is this?"

Power poured from the dragon, circling around me. This phenomenon had me perplexed, and the guards stood with hushed faces.

"You must be dragonborn!" exclaimed a guard.

"What is this...dragonborn?" I asked.

I was told the tale of powerful men able to learn the language of dragons, and to use them.

"Shout, use your voice, it is the only true way to know"


I belted the word, not knowing the meaning or the power it held, but the effects were noticeable. The guard stood in amazement.

"You are, you truly are dragonborn!"

Irileth was quick to dismiss the talk and discuss the reality of the situation. Whether I was this dragonborn or not, I just killed a dragon, and that was all we needed. I was to return to the Jarl and notify him immediately.

I made my way to Whiterun, my head racing with thoughts of the Dragonborn.

"Hrogdolf, the Dragonborn"

It sounded silly, but there was no denying the fact that I was able to speak power...whatever it meant. I reached the gates of Whiterun to the sound of thunder, but it wasn't a natural thunder. I looked to the mountains, expecting another dragon, but instead I heard a single word. Echoing off the ridge, it held destiny in it's grasp as it reached my ears.

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