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My Favorite Teddy Bear


So I might be starting a new call-in show here on Dtoid within the coming weeks. The show wont work unless you guys call in, so please call in! I would like that.

I'm also going to go public with the full length version of the Talking to Women about Videogames theme song(s) in the next few days. I'll also be asking the community if they want to help make the video for the song. I'm hoping for it to come out like a cross between Lesko's Revenge and We Come Together;. It's the kind of project that could work really well as a collaboration, even with people that have never met.

I'll also be inviting anyone and everyone who is interested to make a remix of the song. The top 3 remixes will be uploaded to the Talking to Women about Videogames music homepage, and sold for $.50 a pop. All profits go to the remixer. Details on that whole thing are still being worked out. We may endorse more than 3 remixes if they are more than 3 that are just too unbelievably good to pass up. Who knows? I have no expectations. In fact, I'll be flattered and pleased if even one of you goes out of your way to make one half-assed, 10 second remix of my crappy song. That said, this community never ceases to amaze me, so my hopes remain high.

Low expectations, high hopes. That's how I like it.

Finally, here is an excerpt from my first Podcast. I was 5 years old at the time of the recording, visiting London with my mother and my brother. My brother 6 years older, and a big fan of heavy metal and sketch comedy. He wanted to make a tape recording that day, and here's what we came up with.

If you want to hear the full thing, let me know. It's about ten minutes long, and a little bit painful to listen to, because I'm 5 and my brother is 11. We were far from master entertainers and/or conversationalists at that age. Still, I'll upload it for you if you want to hear it.

OK, that's it! I love you guys! Bye!
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