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Totally NVGR: Frank Miller is a jerk and why he hates the Occupy movement

Hi all, if you haven't heard, Frank Miller hates the Occupy movement. Miller, ever the bitter old out-of-touch entertainer, seems to particularly hate the Occupy protesters, mostly students and young adults, whom he refers to as "pond scum" and entitled, ipad-wielding pre-madonnas who would do better for everyone and just "buck up" and "be somebody" by enlisting in the military and going around the world looking for some terrorists to kill. Or something like that. Sounds like a premise for a Call of Duty Game, doesn't it? (Ironically he pokes at people who play "Lord of Warcraft", wtf is that?)

As a recent college graduate, a person looking for work and someone who has traveled abroad and seen a bit of how others live and think, I am one for open-mindedness and political and personal agitation to address systemic problems in our own country. Whether or not the Occupy movement is the right forum is a different matter, but to say that is completely without worth and that the people involved should just shut up, "stop whining" and sign up for the military and fight another "good fight" for the "benevolent insurance agency"...err corporate interests. (Have you read Hard Boiled? :P). First off, Miller has never served in the military and was penning cartoons at the same age as the Occupiers he demonizes. Secondly, while Miller laments how all of us young wipper-snappers don't want to join the military and start killing people (for whatever reason), many of us who support the protests and the right to protest in general, demand answers from congress about inequities at home, how the financial institutions orchestrated a worldwide financial collapse and why feckless, psychopathic cops are abusing peaceful civilian protesters. Just ridiculous. Here is the link to Miller's now infamous site/blog http://frankmillerink.com/2011/11/anarchy and my own little retort to his political diatribe. Enjoy.

Frank, what happened to the man who wrote Hard Boiled, who penned the Dark Knight Returns or wrote Sin City? In every one one of those illustrated novels, though Hard Boiled was definitely not a novel, you cast your heroes as people "fighting the good fight" yet getting hated for it by an ignorant, complacent mass of society.

Bruce Wayne fought against the corrupt, fat and lazy idolaters who preached about war while their people sucked on the teet of mindless entertainment and porn and prescription-grade apathy. Nixon, the murderous corporate android who slowly realize the truth about why he has been beating against his programmed cage, tried to find himself by tearing down the people who made him who he is, he was just too late. Hartigan in Sin City was a good, low-middle class cop trying to fight for the only thing in the world that was right in a city full of corrupt officials, lawyers and mob bosses hiding behind badges and suits and smiles.

Yet, having written these stories of men and women, who were far from perfect, fighting adversity and complacency for some sense of "right", you callously demonize the most public group of people, who are mostly young and bright and full of hope I might add, agitating for your supposed ideals as charlatans, miscreants and entitled brats who, for all your intensive purposes, should just shut up, sign up for the military and start killing Muslims because they are the real enemy, right?

The funny and sad thing is you're a writer, godammit, and you come up sounding, ironically, like an entitled little brat herding his wagon, shaking his finger at others who are getting beaten by power-tripping, unleashed rabid dog cops (your favorite!), are being pepper-sprayed for sitting in front of institutions that engineered the financial collapse for more profit, and are rapidly arrested for massing in public and saying something that makes sense and is positive; that many do not feel the our "leaders" and paragons of industry are doing their best for the good of not only our people, but the people of the world at large. And yet you still denigrate these kids and young adults, spit on them with your verbiage and are paid millions to tow the corporate agenda of Islamophobia.

Many out there on the streets protesting are still working at whatever they are doing and risking their safety to say that things are not equal in this country, never have been, and you are hell-bent on, from what I can infer from your latest works and this rant, that there are no problems here in this country that warrant our national attention. Perhaps we should nuke Iran and get this whole charade over with, am I right? Because mistreating their women and having an ineffective government that barely has the capability of nuclear power, let alone less than 1/45 of our GDP, is the SOLE root of every problem in our world? What delusional paranoid fantasy are you living in? There are things done in this country that have directly led to the increased strength of these religious extremists and drug-peddlers. Namely the US reliance and protection of a foreign drug trade that happens to be, of all places, located in the mountains and valleys of Afghanistan, funded by Iranian oil, Middle East blood money, then protected and bought by US interests. Wake up and smell the world burning from the inside. You, of all people, should be able to see behind the veil and see where the train got off tracks and then create art about it and point the finger at EVERYONE, not just one group.

You've always been one to champion the greatest strengths of this nation and its people in your work and through your characters, pulling for the lone-dog in the fight, the one no one listens to because they can't handle the truth. Just because the world is a messed up place means that our country needs to seem perfect? Quit "whining" and hop right into nationalism? It seems to me hubris has gone to your head and complacency has made you infirm. I feel sorry for you and the people who once considered you an idol.
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