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Almost back to normal

*Note, this is a repost due to an error I had with my CBlog*

In three days time I should once again have access to my consoles and PC, which I'm ridiculously excited about. My wife and I got back from our three month overseas adventure/honeymoon a few weeks ago and we've been staying with her dad. The only games I have played whilst here is some Aliens vs Predator on my friend's PS3 (it was a bit shit), and The Binding Of Isaac which I bought as part of one of the "Humble Bundles" for $5. I must say, the game is a bit awesome. It's the type of game that you plan to play for 15 minutes or so and then before you know it a couple of hours have passed.

On Wednesday this coming week all of our stuff will be delivered out of storage into our new apartment up in Nelson. I'm really looking forward to setting the whole place up and then just sitting down in front of the TV for some video games. It's been far too long...
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