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Plead for attention is go!

Yellow people that come to read my personal thoughts in word form. It is I, your not so humble blogger lostleader! For the first time ever on this thing we call Dtoid...or do we call it Destructoid? Doesn't matter, but what does matter is that I'm all about them new things people are talking about these days, video games! I love video games and so do you, I mean this is a site about them, it be really awkward if you didn't, but I'm not one to judge, much. Point being, people like reading about video games, and I like talking about, and to a lesser extend writing about video games. I love to review games, but rarely do I end with a result I like and hopefully with my constant whining and need for attention on these blogs Ill be able to become so egotistical that I will need to get my opinion out there!

Then...Then the world!

Okay, maybe not, but the plan is simple. Write some reviews and getting my opinion on them video games out there! It is time for me to finally take my hat and throw it in the ring of reviewing and start to get noticed....some how. Oh well Ill figure it out.

Anyway aside from my inspiration for blogging and reviewing about games, or at least that's what I'm going to do...I enjoy all sorts of video game genres. From Platformers to Japanese RPGs, I also enjoy finding rare treasures every now and then to talk about or otherwise play. I'm also an avid collector of games with my gaming collection hitting somewhere around 230 within the 3 years I have been collecting them. I own all current generation consoles; 360,PS3, and Wii, as well as the two Nintendo portables DS, and 3DS. And if I were to describe myself as I gamer I would say that I'm old school. I don't really like playing online and prefer to either play locally with friends or solo. I dislike the wave of Download Content and constant online gaming, and prefer the old 8 bit graphics.

Alright...that should do it for now. Now I play the waiting game...
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