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Zelda Week: Ooooh yeah! (or one's history of Zelda)

This has been a pretty good year for Zelda games. We had Ocarina of Time for the 3DS. Which doesnít just pretty up the original N64 title by replacing all the textures and improving the graphics as a whole. It also gave the Master Quest, which I will vouch to complete in 3D! All due to my old Gamecube memory card dying.
Then there was the free release of the 4 Swords Adventures. Modified to use both DS screens. A nice little coop/ competitive game putting up to 4 links to go through dungeons, solve puzzles, grabbing more rupees than the other guys and stabbing bad dudes.
Finally thereís the nearly released everywhere Skyward Sword. Bringing Zelda back to the Wii and finally making use of the Wii-motion Plus to fight baddies more realistically with the sword rather than using the Wii's original waggle physics, I'm looking at you Twilight Princess!

Iím a fan of the Zelda titles. I see all of the games as new adventures and it just brings out the young me when I played Zelda first on the Game Boy with Linkís Awakening. Exploring the world, seeing the strange sights back on Koholint Island. When I saw the references to Mario and thinking it was odd and then realising itís really a freaking dream world! That was madness!
I then played Link to the Past on the SNES and that really stumped me as a kid with itís puzzles and the concept of light and dark worlds, which for a SNES game worked really well. Being able to switch between the two worlds in certain ways to solve puzzles and get items really got me thinking at times. Although it brought my most aggravating boss from the Game Boy game along to haunt me. You see the first GB Zelda boss and the 3rd SNES Zelda Boss are the same boss! Just fuck off pushing me from your platform and gaining your health to full whilst I suffer defeat from running out of hearts!
The N64 Zeldas were next and got them for both Christmasí they were set to release on. Ocarina of Time had the idea of using two different time zones to help him save the world. I always found that seeing Link change from child to adult was a little bit eeyrie. This was the first Zelda game where I would always find new little sights to see and interesting things to do outside of adventuring like spending a whole afternoon fishing for the big catch when you are a kid and then finding even bigger fishies as an adult. That was so good. I loved fishing when I was fed up trying to figure out what I was meant to do in a dungeon, that felt good to me.
Majoraís Mask on the other hand terrified me. Having those 3 days to do anything all the time put a stress on me as a kid like nothing else at the time I didnít know life is constantly like that at the time. It probably taught me to start worrying about important deadlines. But with that, it didnít appeal to me as much. Mostly because of the parallel universe thing using a lot of similar characters. Along with the frustrating time mechanic as I kept forgetting to deposit money and I kept forgetting how to do tasks in the right order. Even with the guide that I bought for pound with another game (weird Game deals) I just had a hard time with it. My girlfriend keeps telling me to play it to get her through the 3rd dungeon but I refuse out of sheer annoyance.
After that I still got the Zelda games but started to fall behind due to getting them when I could rather than on christmas.

I just feel like Zelda games can hardly go wrong. They have a formula that holds out every time due to how flexible it can be. It only needs to change a few things per game and boom! Itís a Nintendo great! That can be said with a lot of Nintendo games, but Zelda is my go to fantasy universe that even beats my Elder Scrolls fascination because itís not so intimidating to players to get immersed. Bosses are only behind the big sealed doors with the horns on and you wonít be looking at 5 axes to decide which you would like to use. I just like how every game has itís differences but you know that a lot of the goals are the same. It just brings out the child in me who wants to just play through another story with the guy who wear a ridiculous outfit and saves the world.
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