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PC Review: Sonic Generations

I am a big fan of Sonic, it was the first game I played in my whole life on Master System and Sonic 2 was my first game played on the Genesis, but I stopped after Adventure and never got into play the newer ones. When Generations got announced it was my wet dream, giving me tears of nostalgia from every video that got released. But like everyone, I was suspicious from it and was very skeptical about it. When the reviews were up it got me a lot more relieved but no one make a PC review, so I went buying recklessly and this is one of the best mindless buy I ever got.

The PC game play is really good, but the game will only be playable with a controller, with the keyboard in nearly impossible especially with further stages that uses the triggers excessively. They let some good options to chose how the graphics will be.

The way to tell the story is really simple and expected this way, a time warp is created and both Sonics gets together in a timeless place with all the stages to enter and play it, it's a normal story and we shouldn't expect deep meaning storytelling in this kind of game. All these challenges and boss fights are only to make a bigger game, I could've finished the game in eight hours, but with so much things to unlock, it's really good to finish everything and unlock art and music with over 100 artwork and a lot of soundtracks.

The game is a well worth one, being a PC gamer that loves Sonic from the bottom of its heart, Sonic Generations is one of the best games that happened on PC, being a well ported game with well responding controls and better graphics than the consoles, if you can run it, and the best thing: It's only 30 dollars making a cheaper and a wonderful game.

A overall score of 9.0
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