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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (single player) - Empty Violence.


With a poor story, forgettable new characters and the lost of any connection with reality Modern Warfare 3 pleases itself with nothing but a bunch of crazy over top action sequences. Extreme action and extreme violence is not new to Modern Warfare, Nevertheless such shoots of visual adrenaline taste better if supported by a coherent story, good dialogues, strong characters and memorable moments. That is exactly what Call of Duty 4 delivered a few years back giving birth to the Call of Duty phenomenon.

A couple of years after COD4, Modern Warfare 2 took us into "Over the Top" territory. A Michael Bay movie feels slow compared to MW2. Yet again excellent narrative elements, a crazy but engaging story The introduction of likeable strong characters heroes and villains (Makarov, Shepperd, Ghost, Nikolai) and memorable sequences like "No Russian", "Avalanche" "Ghost's dead" "EMP" etc. Made a great context for the extreme unbelievable action sequences Modern Warfare 2 is filled with.

Modern Warfare 3 feels like a game created to make Michael Bay's The Movie TV commercial, The action sequences are related to a poor plot with more logical holes than a Cheddar Swiss, With such context It makes sense you spend a good portion of the game in a on rail shooting sequence designed for no other to take you to next big explosion. It's been mention before but you spend a whole lot of time in a rail sequence, vehicles, aircraft, artillery, air support, submarine you name it.

Said so, this is video games We aren't looking for the next Stanley Kubrick scrip here, It is not just a video game it is a widely successful mass appeal video game. Still If something really bums me down about Modern Warfare 3 is how generic, pointless and forgettable the new characters are.. A bunch of copy paste SAS soldiers, Who the hell is Sandman? Why does he sounds like a Basket Ball trainer ? Why does Yuri looks like a generic bald goon? What about the anti-climatic role of Soap?

Mechanically MW3's sequences are good enough (I guess) Yet nothing new. The obligated Price's stealth sequence feels a bit tedious and predictable this time around, The vehicle sequences are still effective but not necessarily that impressive. Then there are the usual big explosions set pieces that waste no time to scream Fuck Yeah America!

Modern Warfare 3 is not a game particularly fun to play: You run corridors shooting a hella bunch of dudes to get to the next on rail big fat explosions sequence, It might not be a particularly fun game to play but it is still a fun game to look at as long as you whiling to turn off your brain for a while and that is perhaps one of the reason of its success.
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