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60 hours of Battlefield 3 Multiplayer, This is Wot I think:


Battlefield 3 is an impressive game, an outstanding technical achievement. In no other game you can have 64 dudes interacting in a Multiplayer havoc with vehicles, destructible environments a good amount of gadgets and team objectives across a large sandbox environment, in top of that it does it with cutting edge Graphics. Yet nothing is perfect after solid 60 hours of multiplayer here are my main complains:

-Team Stacking: This have been a major problem IN ALL Battlefield games, supposedly the game can't have auto scramble because that would break the squad system. This flaw remains in BF3 and is personally one of the biggest bummers for me. It is freaking annoying every time I join a new server odds are my team is losing badly and I can't switch teams because (obviously) everyone else in server is trying to do the same, Winning team is always full.

You tell me the studio that can make fully destructible environments, Can't come with a solution for this!? Seriously why don't they scramble squads, I mean a simple equation in the program can fix this or at least make it less awful... They could at least try something for god sake.

-Dual Identity: Seems to me that Battlefield 3 is a 2 head monster, in one side there where the people trying to do a Battlefield game and in the other side there were the Marketing guys pushing for "features" so they can sell the game to the COD crew:

Urban maps are clearly designed with an Arcade shooter flow in mind, Thigh circular corridors full of choke points

Large (Jets) Maps: Have a more classic flavor to it and IMO they are definitely more fun, They have the right scale to host 64 players thou they are dull with smaller teams

This dual identity with the level design makes a chore to pick a server, I definitely think urban maps are no fun with 64 players to others than Nade, Rocket, Mortar point whores spammers. While these maps are fun with smaller teams, The server rotation will eventually get you to a Jet map and you gonna get bored in those with a small team. This leads to the good old 24/7 server syndrome of which Battlefield is King.

Games that try to please EVERY play style more than often fail, Multiplayers like COD, GoW3 and UC3 DO know what they are trying to do, They commit to an idea and fully develop a style.. I can go for hours in the map rotation in any of this, yet in Battlefield you are not just changing map you are changing the whole game style betwen large and small/urban maps... It is tiresome and tedious.

-Weak "Destruction": Long gone are Bad Company 2 maps like Arica Harbor or Oasis with full modeled destructible houses and buildings to get shelter inside, the tactical layer of destruction feels thin in Battlefield 3 compared to Bad Company 2.

-Useless Needless "New features": The existence of Co-Op and Death Match are not bad per se, they still annoy the hell out of me because they are pretty pointless poorly done and no one really ask for them... Again I can imagine a business dude in a keynote doing key points to make a sell. The death match mode is no improvement over Medal of Honor: Spawn points are horrible the spawn rotation sucks, There is no way to know where you are spawning and you constantly do it with a LMG pointing at your ass, Battlefield is designed around classes unlike other death match modes which brings balance issues. Then the CO OP mode is not that bad but feels generic, pointless and unimaginative.

I question, Why don't build on expanding and improving the Battlefield core? That is exactly what both Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3 did, both currently better more balanced multiplayers. Gears of War did not try to do a Rush Mode or Conquest clone do they? Is Uncharted 3 adopting the damage model of Call of Duty? Not that I know. They are committed to their core idea, they build upon of their previous releases, They've expanded and improved what made Gears 3 and UC2 great multiplayer pleasing fans and newcomers alike.

Final thoughts:

I think the improvements are clear to everyone, visuals, sound, better gun feeling, better hit points, character animation, movement etc.. BF3 is still a terrific game I just wish EA/DICE were thinking of it for other than a "COD KIller" that's lame (even for corporate/business standards).

Also: The single player can go die for what I care.. Generic, Scripted, Unimaginative and somewhat Pretentious which is pretty damn annoying. Remember they said they were taking Black Hawk Down, Generation Kill and Hurt Locker as an inspiration... well yeah they didn't nail it, not a bit.
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