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Acquisition: I Went 」360 Further than You to Bring Home GTA 4

I would describe myself as having an addictive personality; one who finds it impossible to practice both patience and consumer restraint. Nowhere is this more apparent than when it comes to video games. I知 the sort of gamer that has to have a game as soon as it comes out; I知 not interested in waiting until its price is reduced, or waiting for the 田omplete game of the year edition. No. I have to have it now. I'll purchase multiple copies of games that I love because the developer added new content. I値l re-buy the new model of a console because I hate being left with what my brain perceives as 妬nferior technology. (Yes, I am one of those people who immediately pre-ordered the 都lim versions of both the Xbox 360 and PS3, as soon as they were announced).

The story I am about to tell is the crown jewel of my consumerism. It is a tale about my 」400 copy of Grand Theft Auto 4.

I have been called many names by friends who were there whilst this story played out, and they were not at all flattering. Ultimately, however, it proved to be a very good decision, as I was able to experience the incredible library of exclusive titles that the PS3 has to offer. I would have eventually purchased a PS3 especially after MGS 4 launched this just sped up the process. After I finished GTA 4 I remember feeling pretty silly. There was nothing else out there that I really wanted to play on the PS3, and for a couple of months I contemplated selling it. After doing a bit of research looking at PS3 forums and YouTube videos I quickly became aware of games like Uncharted: Drake痴 Fortune and Infamous. These two incredible games made me excited to be a PS3 owner, and in the years to come other brilliant exclusives would only further validate my moment of consumer hysteria.

Long after I traded in my copy of GTA 4, I still look upon the massive beast that is my original PS3 with fondness. I致e since given the console to my girlfriend, on which she loves playing Ratchet and Clank (and only Ratchet and Clank, much to my exasperation!). In the end I can look back on my decision without regret, but for a moment in time, I was a shining example of what happens when someone with an addictive personality boards the hype machine. When one man痴 impatience causes him to react without rational thought, and conclude that possession is more important than reason.
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