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There Would've Been Brawl: At least he gets good parking now.

I bet you thought this interview series was dead. NO- alright, fine, I used that in one article, I won't use it again. Thomas Mannino, There Will Be Brawl's wheelchair-bound Sonic The Hedgehog (and mic jockey), finally carved some time out of his busy schedule to answer a handful of questions I tossed him. Now if only I could track down that pesky princess... For those of you new to this, my questions are in bold text, and Tom's answers are in regular format.

Did you end up portraying Sonic of your own free will, or was it thrust upon you forcibly by Zach and Matt? If the latter, did you still like it? Because then, it's okay.

Matt said he had envisioned the Sonic character fairly early on and for whatever reason he thought of me. I was excited to participate in whatever way I could, and the costume and scenario was so absurd. Once they found out I knew my way around the business end of a boom pole, I ended up swinging boom for most of the production.

The nod to the whole chili dog thing from Jaleel White's animated take on Sonic was brilliant. Was that originally in the script, or did someone come up with that on the fly while you guys were shooting?

The chili dog thing was in fact in the script, but on the day of shooting, they were unable to locate a chili dog, so I got to almost-eat a delicious fast food taco.

What sort of games do you play or have particular affinity for?

I tend toward multiplayer games, love co-op especially. I love playing with real people/against real people. Currently mainly playing League of Legends, but still dabble in Minecraft. Lots of Flash games, too.

Anything interesting happen that would've made it in as an outtake or DVD extra, had there been a DVD of the series?

There were many surreal and ridiculous moments being on set. Most of it was just watching our childhood heroes do bizarre things in REAL LIFE - forget about shooting a webseries. Choreographing a bar fight in an actual bar between Mario and Donkey Kong, Luigi peddling 'drugs,' Deedeedee big-pimping with his ladies around him. Lots of sexual innuendos. Seeing production in costume was also hilarious - I swang boom on the last shoot with Sonic makeup on, I think our DP was in a scene and had makeup on as well. There's a picture of me as sonic, in a wheelchair, with Palmer as Olimar/End of Days sitting on my lap - as far as I'm concerned, that image was worth all my time spent helping!

Which character from the Smash Bros. franchise do you like most, and if you have one, which stage is your fave?

I never played much but I enjoyed the game a lot since you can play 4 player. I think I tended mostly to Pikachu because he's little and annoying. I never got good at him, or anyone, though.

Before I let you go, one thing. Marry/fuck/kill: Amy Rose, Rouge The Bat, Big The Cat?

That order sounds good - bring Amy home to mom, mess up Rogue's makeup, and well, someone's gotta die?

Thanks for murdering my favorite character in the entire Sonic franchise, Tom. I'll see you in hell. Though, granted, the only other option I could've slid in there was Blaze The Cat, and I would've murdered her, too.

If you didn't catch my other interviews of some of the stars and minds behind There Will Be Brawl, they should be toward the top of this search list, and if you haven't seen the series, check out the official site I've been linking with the series' title, or check out The Escapist's archive of it, since without them, the show wouldn't have become what it did. And they have a little behind-the-scenes jimmy right before the finale. You're probably already registered so you can yell about the Jimquisition or moon over Yahtzee, so you may as well take some time to watch something epic.
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