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And so it goes. Hi, Destructoid.

Here's my stock intro that I made a while ago for some people who wanted to get a sense of how I think and who I am. It's not very game-centric, but oh well.

Hi! My name is Mark, and I have been told that I tend to confuse people. Please, click this link and listen as you read, for this may take a while.

I picked that to be discreetly classy. If you donít want discreet, pick this instead.

Or, if you enjoy Conor Oberst, hereís this!

Maybe youíre an anarchist. Hey, thatís cool; pick this one.

Perhaps you are a pretty lady. Congratulations! This is for you!*

Or hey, you think Iím rambling right now. Hahahaohwow, you really have no idea. Flick your eyes down really quick. Consider what awaits you. Sorry! Pick this one.


As Iím sure you can tell/have previously surmised, I ramble. A lot. I am fond of reinventing my view of the world every 45 minutes or so, mixing things, and icebergs. I was born on March 20th of 1993, at 9:10 AM. Iíve been called the whitest boy alive many, many times, and I usually agree with this statement. I wonít be much for conversation, I kind of dig these awkward silences. If you(Ďve) attempt/attempted/were attempting to converse with me, and I donít/didnít/stopped respond/responding, please donít take offense, for I have been distracted by something in my immediate vicinity, like a cat or a kind hobo. You can break awkward silences, I wonít hold it against you. Iím generally socially befuddled, so talk AT me and I will probably say something that you perceive to be funny, curious, strange, or hazelnut-flavored. I donít have any plans with regard to what Iím going to do in college or life beyond becoming a guitar-wielding vagrant. Just figured Iíd bum around in Chicago for a bit and maybe find something delicious. I like playing musical instruments (specifically the bass guitar, but Iíve been playing far more guitar than bass lately-ish), but donít think Iím any type of good. If you are somehow pinging or messaging me right now, I canít hear you. I have earbuds in, always. Sorry! Please, if you can, donít interrupt this song, because music is good shit. If you make the assumption that I shouldnít have my earbuds in at any specific time, and act on that assumption by pulling these earbuds out, I will punt you. I have this sneaking suspicion that Iím a stranger in a strange land; not that Iím a Martian, mind you, but rather that Iím strange. I suspect many things. If you know what a Myers-Briggs personality type is, Iím an INTP. If you donít know what that is, I am something. Probably a human. Maybe a Cylon. Perhaps a Jedi.

As for my family...
I have two brothers, three cats, two parents. Their respective names and ages are [approximately and in Earth years] Billy [22], John [20], Silky [11], Thunder [10], Lightning [10], Mayola (commonly called Candy and whatever joke youíve just now thought of about that has been heard and is now old to me) and William (commonly called Bill). Billyís full name is William the III. My dad is a doctor, and his specialty is urology. My mom is also a doctor, and her specialty is radiology. Billyís specialty is partying and chatting. Johnís specialty is being a nice person/playing Halo. My specialty isÖ fuck, I donít know. Iím smart? I like animals? Not shitting myself? Anyway. The cats correspond to the kids. Silky is Billyís, Thunder is Johnís, and Lightning is mine. They all have claws and, in times of great ingenuity, can open doors. If you see an unknown, striped cat on the University of Chicago campus near Linn (my residential house), Lightning followed me. Kindly mail him back to my house. Ask me for the address.

If youíve made it this far and the musicís burned out, donít give up!

I have seen St. Maryís Church in the hollow of the white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool of the church of St. Tysilo near the Red Cave. I have seen the giant Australian banana, the giant Australian boot, and that neat opera house. I have seen my dorm room, and many other rooms. One time, I saw a deer. Just kidding. Or am I? I am not, and its name was Bubbles. The same night, I saw a kitten die. It was the worst thing ever. Moral of the story? Donít get drunk with veterinarians. I have seen many things, so Iím going to get off this subject. I forgot what I was going to say here, but oh well. Oh wait, I collect picks in a tin case, coins in a glass can, bottlecaps in a tin Fallout lunchbox, and the love of the ladies in my heart. I speak Spanish, poorly. I speak English marginally better. I donít speak French. I donít know why, but I have met many a person who has wanted to rub my head. You can pet my hair, but please ask first.

If youíve read this far, congratulations. I didnít have a proper introduction when I first made this blog (or I donít remember doing a proper oneÖ?), so I did this and we are now formally introduced. Yay! If you need help in anything, Iíll probably provide it. Even a kidney. Especially a kidney.

Oh! I almost forgot. This part I will include especial for you, Destructoid.
I fucking adore video games. I've found that I don't always have a whole lot of time to play, now that I'm in college (ain't that a fuck?), but I don't think that precludes me from greatly enjoying games. My wonderful brother John got me a 360 for my dorm room, and I've barely touched it, but directly next to it I have a copy of Halo: Reach. That does not make me *that guy* (you know, the FPS junkie casual screamer that everyone seems to think everyone else is) and I don't know why anyone would think that it does; I just like playing a little Halo with my brother and a gaggle of XBL friends every now and then. I'm also trying out Europa Universalis III via Steam.

As far as my gaming history goes, I grew up with 'em. I've had a Genesis, a Dreamcast (Sonic Adventures was great, mainly for the Chao), several SNESes, a GameCube (Phantasy Star Online <3), a PS1, 2, and 3 (though I don't have that PS3 now), a Wii I barely touch, an Xbox, a 360, and PCs. I don't like Macs, and I think they're sort of like [wing]clipped PCs. I remember getting a yellow Gameboy Color as a gift on my eighth birthday, and I remember playing so many single-player games in a makeshift-cooperative fashion, as my brothers also had a taste for games. Star Fox 64 might have been the first proper co-op game we played, beyond switching off on SNES JRPGs. I'm obviously a proponent for offline co-op. I think that if online's included then proper offline should be stuck in as well. I have other views, but I'll talk about them later. Probably.

Let's see here. A strong memory in gaming for me wassss.....
Super Mario 64. The eel was scary.

Finally, I may say meep or woop sometimes.

Did you expect any less? I tend to confuse people.

If your eyes just flicked down here, flick Ďem back up, buttercup. I donít know you like that, yet.

*Note: if you actually enjoyed that song, then hey, listen to this one.

If you liked that one, then we are friends! Probably! And if you didn't like any of those songs, then that's okay too.

And so it goes.
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