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Today in Indie


As per usual on days I don't have class, I tend to float about in the Xbox Live marketplace seeing if there are any new videos to download and watch or anything else I might be interested. Lo and behold I stumble upon this little gem, DLC Quest. The "cover art" caught my eye in the XBLIG tab so I quickly downloaded the demo for what is a hilarious satire of the industry's obsession with downloadable content.

While I personally enjoy DLC for games I'd like to play more of, I can really see how it can go south, and this just takes it to the extreme and satirizes it's balls off. From the beginning of the game your character can only move right, can't jump, can't go left, has no animations, there's no game sound...well...until you buy the DLC. In classic platforming fashion, you jump around to get coins and once you have enough...you buy the DLC. Outside of the manner it approaches DLC, it has a lot of nods to gaming's stereotypical pitfalls with lots of "inside jokes" pertaining to the industry and game design.

All that aside, it's extremely charming for what it is, and the gameplay really is quite good considering the backseat it could have taken to the humor. At 80 MS points, I'd say it's more than worthy of a purchase for some quick entertainment at the sake of gaming and it's modern woes.

View the trailer here
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