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Having the balls to be different, also scary : Gyossait


Raise your hands if youíve ever encountered a flash-game that managed to freak you out without relying on jump-scares. Not so many eh? Well I've got some bad news and some terrific news, Iíll start with the latter.

Gyossait is a freaky game, remember those horrific nail-less hands reaching out for you in the last boss battle of the first Splatterhouse? No? Well thatís basicly Gyossait, except it's like that the entire game! Everything from itís presentation which is nothing short of amazing to its sound design that ranges from ďHoly shit , whatís going onĒ to almost obnoxious scream of those things that goes bump in the night. The visuals are beautifully contrasted against the recurring darkness that covers most of the game with some reds and purples to make some truly great use of colors. And the disturbing imagery thatís shown to you as you play looks freaking amazing with all of its freakishness that amounts to something that looks like a lovechild between Lovecraft, Hr.Gieger and the horrors from the latter episodes of Neon-Genesis Evangelion. Mmm.. so juicy.

The sound design is pretty brilliant too which mostly consists of horrible things like low pitched bells and other instruments mangled together with some moans and screams with a hint of Akira Yamaoka trown in for good measure. The point is that It always manages so surprise you and when things tone down youíre really anxious to know what lies ahead.

Now to the bad news, while the presentation and audio department are exceptional for a flash game the controls are not. Your character movement is pretty stiff , which had me cursing quite a few times as I was making my way trough the game. So non-patient gamers need not to apply. That said the games conclusion was pretty strong even if I didnít really understand its meaning thanks to the heavily symbolic and overly convoluted story. But even so the game managed me to feel pretty epic thanks to the clever presentation of the plot that mostly manifested itself as snippets of text on the wall that was entirely optional.

So in conclusion , play this game if you like freaky things and being freaked out, or just love alternative and horrific stuff. Donít play it if youíre just looking for a quick fix since this is slightly longer than your average flash game.

I also wanted to thank Amon26 for being brave enough to make something different, in this day and age where most of the game developers are ready to jump the bandwagon to glory by making soulless shovel-ware smartphone games, Amon26 keps us flash folks bussy with a interesting game full of ideas. It's beyond super daring to make a 2D horror game thanks to the hard work that is involved to even make the player feel even remotely scared. And while suffering a bit from ďstyle over substanceĒ syndrome itís still a very memorable experience. Furthermore Team meats Edmund Macmillen was listed as a tester and feedback guy at the end of the game which is nice to see that heís still hanging around his newgrounds roots. Anyways, happy late Halloween Dtoid! And go play Gyossait ! Play it HERE!
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