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Cool story, bro

I was at Gamestop the other day, and the clerks were like "you pre-order Battlefield 3 yet, dawg?" and I was like "OH NO! No way. No-no-no!


It is such a sad waste, the way so many game developers today are squandering the endless potential of videogames as a medium in favor of containing to produce these overly expensive, over-hyped titles that deliver evoke no thought and feelings in the player other than "'uys shooting guys over and over an over again is good'.

You can do anything with a videogame! The only limit is your own imagination! You can create an experience that fuses motion, visuals, and sound together as one like Child of Eden, or a game that cleverly parodies and pays tribute to gamers and gaming like No More Heroes, or use videogames as a metaphor for each stage of a persons like like the Bit.Trip SAGA, or create a beautiful world of interesting and original personalities like Street Fighter, Metal Gear, Zelda, Skyrim, and so many others.

There are so many examples of the amazing things that games are capable of, with so much left to be explored, and all these guys could come up with is... another game about shooting at and being shot by strangers?


Then they were like "Want to put $5 down on Modern Warfare 3, dawg?"

After that, I took my copy of Aliens Infestation and went home. It's pretty good!

[PS- I have nothing against people who call other people "dawg". I actually think its really cute!]
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