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Short review Roundup :Risky's revenge, Dark void Zero, Momadora 2

So yeah , this month, and parts of last month will be sponsored by the wonderful under the counter comic books my Aunt sent me for my birthday, but remember kids, you've got to be at least 18 to read these ! Because really, what kid can say no to weed spokesmen like Spaceman Spliff and Stash Gordon? Another birthday gift I feel like mentioning is the X-men cover pillow case she also got me , isnít she the best?

In previous month I kept my post-it note promise from earlier this year to review indie developer Nifflas atmospheric physics platformer Nightsky. You can check it out here! Following below is a roundup of mini reviews of games Iíve completed rather recently, hopefully inspiring you to check them out or dismiss them FOREVER, enjoy.

Shantae : Risky's revenge
( Retro action platformer)
Avalible on : DSI , 3DS store

Shantae : Risky's revenge is the sequel for Way forwardís hard to get by GBA game Shantae and tells the tale of sassy half genie Shantae's adventures to save her town from the even sassier pirate Risky boots. Old school gamers will revel in the meticulously crafted 16-bit pixel world that the game takes place in and the soundtrack is top notch! Gameplay is fun but can feel a bit on the easy side at times for old school enthusiasts.

I experienced some hiccups when it came to the game telling me where to go or what to do at one point in the game, which was pretty frustrating but thanks to the games alluring old school charm and the fun and witty script the frustrating bits are not the parts I remember the most. So all in all there is a great deal of substance under Shantaeís beautifully pixelated skin, but be warned, a great chunk of it comes from the charm of it , not the level design or gameplay. Which isnít to say that those parts are bad, just that there are games out there that does it better. I guess my expectations where set super high by the beautiful graphics, and the gameplay didn't really live up to that at times, I still highly recommend it though!

Buy it if you feel parts of yourself throbbing for old school platformers and pixelated booty. ( Or if you donít have anything else to play on your 3DS like me)

Donít buy it if you are a computer unable to feel, expecting super deep gameplay or crazy difficulty.

Dark void Zero
( Retro action platformer )
Avalible on : DSI , 3DS store

( Pictured above , bliss)

I find it funny that a mediocre game that didnít sell very well and that wasnít on a lot of peoples radars got an 8-bit looking retro spin-off that has been on my radar forever and proved to be a really solid albeit short experience for folks craving some old-school gaming! Itís like talking to the guy who decided to make Dark Void and saying - look here , if youíd invested your money in this, then you would have made a much better game, proving that bigger/newer/cheesier isnít always better.

Dark Void Zero takes place somewhere in the Dark Void timeline , I donít really know neither do I really care, itís basically an NES game in which you go save the princess , or in this case youíre to destroy some sort of portal to prevent evil aliens from taking over the world , you know the drill. The game is a action platformer in the contra meets castlevania vain in which you get a jetpack (the series trademark) and various guns ranging from a puny pistol to a high speed plasma gun to a devastating rocketlauncher in order to blow up the opposition.

With previously mentioned tools at your disposal you are to blast and propell yourself trough 3 different levels with a main objective , often consisting of doing things like access 3 consoles before you face off against the levels boss. Pure old school action at itís best with some authentic 8 bit spites and a pretty spectacular chiptune soundtrack to got with it. Good times! The game is on the short side but I found myself mostly satisfied when it was over considering its relatively low asking price.

Buy it if you find yourself harking back to the olden days where blowing up things was the only thing on your mind. ( Or if you donít have anything else to play on your 3DS like me)

Donít buy it if Ö uhh youíre not a huge fan of old school action games!

Momadora 2
( indie game, action platformer)
Avalible on : PC

Download it here!

I was pretty impressed with Rdainís Cavestory esque Momadora but it felt like it lacked some polish that in the end made it a more frustrating than satisfying experience so I never felt like finishing it even though I pretty much was on the last boss.

Momadora 2 is a whole new beast which resolves pretty much all issues I had with the first game and generally shows way more polish in all areas while adding some super cool moves, this is how sequels should be done! Take notes gaming industry.

The game takes place after the first game but this time with an all new shrine-maiden which has to protect her village from being overwhelmed buy a growing evil that has awakened in a nearby temple.This game ditches the different weapons from the first game in favor of one main weapon and a sub weapon, the main weapon is the the hard hitting melee leaf which is satisfying as hell to smack around enemies with. It was my favorite weapon in the first game, but with every other weapon being ranged and thereby superior in most cases I didnít use it much. The sub weapon is a cool ninja like throwing card (charm) , witch you use in a Castlevania like fashion by hitting up and the attack button simultaneously which makes you feel like an bad-ass ninja!

Another new thing is the dash move that you acquire later in the game, it allows you to do a super fast dash in order to dodge attacks efficiently while making you feel like the coolest kid on the block. My only complaint with it is that it is executed by double tapping the direction you want to dash, which is rather annoying, thatís like mapping a doge move in a stylish action game which probably is the most important move in the game to something as cumbersome as double-tapping. Not only does it cause strain but is hard to execute with the split time accuracy that it requires. Luckily it doesnít break the game in this case since it really isnít required that much but it still feels like a very stupid decision, and a missed opportunity. Hopefully we will see improvements like a dedicated button for dashing in the next game.

The game is pretty short and can be finished in a hour or so but it still packs quite the punch with itís relatively hard difficulty level, pattern memorization is key here. Another thing worth to mentioning is the distinctly Cave story'ish sprites the game uses. All carrying their own at times overwhelming charm , they are glorious to behold for anyone who are craving something in the Cave story style, while still keeping a own unique identity. Also notable is the sound design which is top notch, and really helps to immerse you in this charming and atmospheric world!

Download it for FREE if youíre a Cavestory or oldschool enthusiast, or heck just like games in general. It will please almost anyone.

Donít get it if , wait? Who am I kidding? There is no reason not to get this!

I love reading short reviews like this since most of the time I already know pretty much what the game is about, so in order to create something I would enjoy reading I'm writing this. I would love your input on the format. Thanks to the other Dtoider who makes mini reviews like this, write your name in the comments and Iíll credit you for the idea. Hopefully I'll write more posts like these so look forward for more batches of small reviews , thanks for reading!
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