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Isaac's Journal

Isaac's Journal

Entry 1.

Alone again. There is not even a corpse left to remind me something once had some sort of semblance of life. A hatch in the floor has appeared, although its destination is engulfed in pure blackness. Tossing a rock and listening for the impact has failed, the only sound coming from the opening is a faint wail that oscillates between impossible pitches. All other options exhausted, it seems to get up and out I must travel even deeper. It is hard to believe there is anything below where I am now, yet something tells me I am only scratching the surface. Here I leave my journal, before it gets lost in the darkness, but if you are reading it it's probably too late for you as well. You will do well to remember you were not the first, and most likely not the last. I have left you some idols of strength, drink the contents of these heart-shaped containers and you may feel your strength slowly return. With no rope or other means of a slow descent, I have chosen to jump into the abyss in hope that it will lead me to a better place. I wish the same thing for you as well, should you choose to follow my path.

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