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Dtoid Midwest: It's Been Too Long

Been a slow couple of months here in the Forgotten Zones, but I figured now that the PAX Prime afterglow has faded I should do an update.

As a matter of personal pride, I'd like to share this:


That image shows the cities in the U.S. that spend the most on video games. Number 15 is Toledo, OH.

Those of you that have attended past MidwestNARPS have had the opportunity to visit the city. It's my home, and acts as a home base of sorts for the midwest. I think it's kind of cool to see we play a lot of games here. It reinvigorates the idea I've had of making next years NARP into a small convention. If I can get some sponsors, and if you guys would be willing to buy tickets (because it's going to have to get paid for somehow) I think I could pull it off. It's a long way off, but I need to start planning now if I want it to even be a possibility. Let me know what you think.

In other news, Midwest member/Front Page contributor Daniel Starkey is planning some events this year. A New Years Eve NARP would be rad as fuck, so if you're interested in that you should hit him up over on his blog.

This next bit is something I've been meaning to do for a long time, but am just now getting around to. Inspired by the wonderful C Blog Interviews , I've decided to start Dtoid Midwest interviews. This is in no way to ape the success of those interviews. See, the midwest is a big place. Very big. Sometimes it's easy to feel isolated out here. I want to try and raise the awareness of Dtoiders lost out here in the void, and help them find other members in a reasonable distance they may not even have known about. So without further ado, I give you the first interview.

This interview is with Destructoid member N7, who was formerly known as philcollins.

So N7, letís get to know you. What part of this vast expanse of America known as the Midwest do you hail from?

I ride or die in the mean streets of Lorain Ohio which is about 40 minutes outside Cleveland. Itís a shit town. I just moved back from Middleburg Hts (5 minutes from Cleveland). I probably wonít be in this city in 6 months. But hey I had a cultured upbringing, no complaints. Annnnd Go Browns!

What do you do, either professionally or for fun?

I was a programmer (C++) but now I work in operations for Macyís Systems & Technology. Itís a great job to have as I work 9am to 9pm on Sun, Mon, and Tues... then every other Saturday. For a seasoned nerd this means I get 3 to 4 days off in a row after a new game releases on Tuesdays. Having said that Iím sort of at a cross roads now where I might try and find an IT job in the gaming industry. Iím looking anyway so weíll see if something pans out...

And when Iím not gaming (being single I game a lot these days *sips chocolate milk so nice*) Iím probably rocking out to 80s music and training. I compete in Natural Bodybuilding to level out my whole Meathead nerd facade and itís a labor of bat shit crazyness. But I enjoy it, going forward I shall be attending Pax, NARPS, and stalking Julius[editors note: Julius=Diverse] for fun.

What made you decide to step up and join the sexy party that is Dtoid Midwest?

Well I joined the forums when I saw the Halo Community tournament BadStar had put up. Won my way onto the 1st team and we rocked shit for 2 rounds I believe? I then had to go out and get drunk. Great time, I wish more Dtoid played Reach.

As far as MidWest goes Changston told me about the NARP, I had no bearings on the forums still really. Iíve visited Dtoid for years but was sorta neck deep in another forum community that died down recently. First thing I noticed when joining the forums is everyone is much more personal with greetings and tend to open up in comparison to most anonymous Internet communities. <insertisthisreallife.jpg>

Gamers especially tend to keep their social lives private on forums Iíve noticed. I thought it was pretty cool to see a bunch of 20 some year old like minded folks doing the exact opposite of that... And I wanted in :D

I Enjoyed the hell out of the MW NARP weekend BTW and looking forward to Pax East next year.

You mentioned

that you wouldnít mind getting down like Barry and Levon from The State. Tell us more about that.

You know Iíve just always wanted to rub my ass into 240 dollars worth of pudding after seeing that skit 15 years ago. And now itís plausible, next NARP we all need to chip in and make it happen haha.

Plus a lot of people always talk about doing something awesome rather than actually doing it. And you know what old Jack burton says at a time like this...

So you once said this:

So, can we get this picture of you eating a salad shirtless, as you promised, nay, demanded?

Droid phone hated me but still oh so nice.

What would you like to see out of the Midwest group in the future?

More Honey Badger and Less Red Panda. I think a well timed Fall meet up would be cool, maybe more West to make up for all the fine folks that traveled hours to Ohio. Perhaps a Halloween NARP (NARPOWEEN?) where we all just go Video Game themed. *Calls Adam Jensen* Now I feel very clever for coming up with that. If itís been done Iím going to feel shameful.

This here is all you; take a minute or two and tell us anything you would like to.

Anything? You know I think Dtoidís a great experiment as far as gaming communities go. Itís truly unique with how we all interact for better or worse (usually better) and thatís pretty rock N roll. Yes I still say that.

I look forward anyway to meeting more good folks at various events in the future whether itís a NARP or Pax or E3. Iím very huggable so if you meet me in person bring it on. Also I started a Star Wars: ToR guild. People should join it as I made it with Dtoid n mind: http://www.swtor.com/guilds/141285/f-k-coffee

Also I just wanted to say for the record Iím a Team Jacob kind of guy. I just feel heís truly better for Bella.

Thanks to N7 for being my lab rat in this whole interview thing. I hope you guys enjoy and these work to have the effect I'm hoping for.

Who's going to MAGFest X? I am, and I know a handful of other Midwesterners are, but speak up! Let everybody know so we can all have as much sI MEAN party as much as we can! Last year was a blast, and I know this year will be even better.

And that's all for now! If you would be interested in being interviewed, or know someone who is, email me at jonbloodsprayatgmaildottycom. I'd like to do at least one interview a month from here on out, so don't be shy.

Talk to you all soon. Here is a random picture until then.

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