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Obscurity: Soldat

I was eleven, twelve years old (I have eighteen now) and a good friend of mine borrowed me a CD with a lot small games and some programs inside. I looked at the CD with enormous curiosity seeing written Soldat on it. I inserted the CD on my computer and saw some screenshots of the game, a bunch of little guys fighting to the death destroying others with guns; it was all I ever wanted in a game. And boy, it was fun.

In that time, Quake was a game that I'll never even hear of, so this was pure glorious killing fun for me. The game was side scrolling action, the player takes the control of a character the he created, and it was a range of color pallets, different kind of hair styles and hats, and a lot of jewelry and accessories to put on your character. And yes, the game let you put Mr. T hair and his gold chains, this was a giant plus for me.

There were three modes; Realistic that makes guns more deadly and susceptible to recoil and falling from big heights make injury. Survival Mode was the same as realistic but everyone spawns together and if someone dies they only respawn on the next round. And Advance Mode made the primary guns locked, and it was progressively opened trough time and kills. One of the best and important things was the killing; it was fun and gruesome with triple, multi kills and other crazy acrobatics moves, making really a dynamic game.

This game is really huge, with a lot of maps and map editor, players, guns and a lot of gruesome kills; it was a teenager wet dream. Soldat brings a lot of Quake, Doom and others kind of games. I love Doom and Quake but Soldat is something special for me that brings some of the first PC memories. In the end I think this is one of the games that were really memorable for me, because it was one first bloody good fun game Iíve ever played, and I still got fond memories with the chainsaw.
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