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The Destructoid Community Fitness Challenge: Week 1

Last week I started a Fitness challenge for any DTOIDer who wanted to participate. You can read up on it here. To my surprise a lot of people signed up and shared their plans and showed interest in participating, so this week I'm sharing their plans and an update on my own progress.

A quick note. From this week on you will be able to differentiate who has just started and who Im posting progress for. Next to their name will either be blank or have the word Progress to signify what kind of info is being given about the person.

(Some participants didn't follow the pattern I put in the last blog, so I'll just post their comment)

WARNING: Wall of text Incoming

JohnnyViral Progress

Previous Goal = 5lbs
Actually lost = 2lbs

What I've been doing:
Had to cut down on the walking/jogging regiment due to having to fix my car, and a few other problems, so I walked/jogged less days than I would have liked to.

What I will do:
Continue the walking/jogging regiment. Possibly purchase a set of weights.

Goal for the Week:
3 lbs


What I will do:
Cutting out pop, packing healthy lunches, no deep fried food, no eating out / fast food, start to look sexy.

Goal for the Week:
5 lbs, start to look sexy

Goal Overall:
180lbs total. Loss of 80lbs. Be sexy.


What I will do:
More water, less soda (diet coke or nothing), 7 hours of sleep or more each night, smaller portions

Goal for the Week:
No scale for metrics, but the goal is to not feel stupid bloated or daytime tired at any point during the work week. Have a healthy project crunch for the week.

Goal Overall:
Get and stay as far under 300lbs as possible by the end of the year. Preferably around 270. Not passing out during this 4 mile Cancer walk two Sundays from now.

My goal is pretty simple...make everyone here look bad by comparison. But no seriously, this is a cool initiative and might serve as a kick start into a fitness routine again. I know I lost about 20 pounds this time last year in a crazy fitness cut, so Ill say that same goal by December.

Quinoa is good, try it. Diet soda, all the time.

Jonathan Holmes
I lost six pounds from joggging every night for a bout a month. About to go jogging now, even though I hate it very much.

I hope to lose about a pound a week.

Okay so I weigh around 140-145 instead of trying to lose weight I'll eat more protein and try to hit the gym and lift Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays every week with my friends. I'll throw some cardio in there too and maybe even hit the gym on the weekends. It's gonna be hard with all of my classes and crazy schedule but if I stay determined I can do it.

Overall goal at the end of all of this is: Get a good workout schedule going and gain a significant amount of muscle.

I actually hit the gym today from a long vaacaaation. A pound a day sounds really good plan until next Summer. This would make a good motivation for me since all my friends decided to be lazy as well.

Alex Barbatsis
I'll be working out 4-5 times a week, either with a 5 mile jog or 2 hours in the gym. Also, I've got to cut out Coca Cola, this makes me so sad, but its necessary ;0

Frank Jaeger
I am a respectable 172lbs, but very self conscious and lazy. Reasonably fit, but I always think I can do more.

My goal is to increase my bench press by 5lbs or more a week.

very good idea! i need people to help keep me accountable. last time i actually worked on losing weight i lost 20 lbs in a month, and from last year im down from 33% body fat to 20%. however, i still need to...not nessesarily lose weight, but trim the fat.

im going to the gym 5 times a week right now, and going on random walks late at night

stuff i need to do:
stop eating fast food and drinking soda (soda part not hard) count calories, do 30 min of cardio (on the bike) every day after my workout and 1 hour every day im not lifting, actually stretch several times a day, and keep focused on my ab stuff im trying to do 3 times a day. (goes from doing it 3 times a day for like 4 days to skipping a week)

i want to maintain my 200 lbs, but replace the fat with muscle. so far im doing a good job, i increased my bench by 60 lbs in the last 2 months.

Kyle MacGregor
I've been comfortable at 170 the past few years, but I'm always trying to better myself. Lately I've been working on upper body and core strength and am working my way up to running 5 miles a day 4+ times a week. Pretty close to that now. I also cut out alcohol a few days ago. I usually have a beer with dinner but figure it's probably holding me back a little. Let's see how long that lasts.

OK so we have a good number of people participating. Thanks a lot you guys for getting involve. Remember you can get in on the fitness challenge whenever you want, and when you do post a comment here is a nice little template for it

What I've been doing:

What I will do:

Goal for the Week:

Simple as that. Now go out there and challenge yourself to get healthy or stay healthy. Good luck
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