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Cheap Games that are Worth your time (PC)

I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buying games, except if I'm buying a gaming computer. My steam account is worth about $700, while I've only ever spent $200 on it. I literally did the math, and saved about $500. A lot of it was from HIBs, to be honest, but I would just about always wait for some kind of sale (The only game I've ever bought at full price on Steam was Portal 2). But even when there aren't any sales at the time, there are still plenty of games worth your time.

#1. Cthulhu Saves the World

Cthulhu Saves the World is a parody RPG that pokes fun at its own genre along with many others. It still has (somewhat of a) story, and along the way you'll come across hilarious dialogue, strategic battles, and new RPG elements. The combo system was one of the best things I've ever seen in a Turn-based RPG, I'm not too sure if it's new to CSTW or not, please correct me if I'm wrong.

The constant poking of fun towards other games (Beltman being a reference to a certain developer's love of belts) is insanely addictive. I feel like spoiling what I've seen already. It is repetitive, but it's not to be surprising. It's an RPG.

And if you buy this game with Breath of Death in the pack, the total price is...


#2. Painkiller Redemption

If you have never played a single painkiller, now is your time to do so. It's what I would refer to as a “Slash 'em Up” with guns. Hordes of enemies will attack you, leaving you running around constantly while trying to fight them off. The weapons all have incredibly creative designs and they all work pretty fluidly. The only problem with the weapons is that you'll be so busy fighting off the demons that you will not realize when you pick up another one.

Painkiller is easily some of the most fun I've ever had with a game because it's tremendously exciting to me (Don't play it on easy, you'll breeze through it). I've been literally sitting on the edge of my chair while playing it, and I have no time to lean back. I'm constantly firing all of my munitions all across the demonic landscape.

The total price is...


#3. The Binding of Isaac

Everyone should know about this game. It's a fast paced game with heavy reliance on both skill and luck in order to win it. All of the areas are randomly generated, which leads to some pretty interesting things happening. The enemies have great variety, the bosses are challenging, and this game will also have you sitting on the edge of your seat the entire time. There are so many powerups, items, pills, and much more that you will not be satisfied with one playthrough. Two of my friends on steam have already accumulated 8-9 hours in game.

But BE WARNED. The game was written in Flash, and has HORRIBLE optimization. People with full out gaming computers report lag. Whether or not you get as much lag as any one else, no one truly knows. But by now, everyone should have the 2.5 ghz processor in the requirements. Not sure if that gets rid of the lag, but probably not.

The total price is...



VVVVVV is an outstanding platformer that adds new concepts to the genre. It's played with moving and flipping upside down and rightside up to manuever across puzzles. The story itself isn't too long, but it has a level builder and now comes with a whole bunch of levels in the game on the side. You can just download however many maps from the internet and have unlimited playtime.

The soundtrack is also downright beautiful. The chiptune notes will be stuck in your head for quite some time.

The total price is...


#5. Tom Clancy's HAWX

If you've never given air combat games a chance, this is your time. I personally love the jet fighting games, but I never really prioritize my games on them. They're definitely worth a shot if you haven't done it before. This is one genre of games that gets your adrenaline going when you're pulling off ridiculous air stunts, avoiding incoming missles, and even using a microphone to call for specific things (SHOOT to fire, DOUBLE for two shots, RADAR for your radar, etc.). The downside is that the game will always work best with a joystick, so I'd prefer starting with one, but if not, try the keyboard version.

The graphics are a bit lackluster, but the steam version comes with a demo if you want to give it a try before hand. It's not the best jet combat game, but it's one of the easiest to get introduced to, IMO. The demo is free on steam, and if you buy the game...

The total price is...

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