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There Would've Been Brawl: Let's Keep It Clean

Today's entry got to me just in the nick of time. Saving me by the bell is Reilly Campbell, who portrayed Punch Out!'s Little Mac, garnering a bit more screen time than might've been expected from a support trophy. Can't say it was disappointing, however, and neither were his answers to my interrogation.

How'd you end up bagging the Little Mac job, anyway?

Zach Grafton asked me personally at Anime Con Carne 2008 if I would be interested in a part in the show. I was immediately interested, even more so after meeting most of the cast. Zach and Matt Miller thought I would make a good Little Mac just cause I looked the part. I was kinda worried about my blue mohawk at the time, which you can see in episode three when I'm facing away from the camera. I eventually cut my hair to almost exactly Mac's cut after episode three when I was told I would have more scenes in future episodes. Everyone ended up playing small extra parts to fill scenes when needed including myself. I was also a homeless character in the End of Days scene and I think a mushroom kingdom extra at one point as well. The show was honestly so fun to work on, it was very easy to work diligently till the job was done, even when every shoot went hours over the scheduled time.

Was having Doc steal your bike in your first appearance originally in the script, or something someone suggested based on the YTMND that was still pretty popular at the time?

Most of the cast could have a PhD in nerd culture. Zach and Matt decided it would be a great homage and inside joke to the truly nerdy, and I couldn't agree more. It was subtle and not viewer would pick up on it, but that's what made most of the jokes on the show memorable. It felt like Zach and Matt created a show that they would like to see and wrote jokes they would find funny, regardless of who the audience might be. YTMND definitely was a cornerstone of the net at that time, maybe even bigger than 4chan.

What kind of games do you play in your spare time?

Everything I can get my hands on to be honest. I was a game tester for Vivendi Universal Games, Infinity Wardm and Treyarch. Eventually I became a production floor lead after my seven years in the industry. Games have a always been one of the biggest influences of my life. It's a passion I can never deny. I'm a big MOBA and MMO fan now. The mainstream RTS and shooter can sometimes get my attention, but I'm more of a traditional RPG lover. I consumed every game I could get my hands on as a child, but now I tend to only play well reviewed titles since I don't have the time to play "everything" anymore. Professionally I see my future in the game industry still, though I'm going back to school now to finish my degree.

Were there any off-camera events or stories you'd like to share, for our amusement or abject horror?

There is a scene in the gag reel where Donkey Kong hits Mario square in the face in the bar fight scene. Being there was hilarious! You could see everyone cringe on set during the impact and I'm pretty sure Paul's real nose was bleeding under his giant Mario false nose. I don't know if you could see it in any of the scenes but the green shorts I had on were like 5 or 6 inches to big for my waist, and I had to have them bobby pinned behind me every shoot. It always felt like I had shit in my pants.

How choreographed were the fight scenes in the show, at least the ones you took part in? Were they all pretty much scripted out ahead of time, or did you guys get to cut loose a bit so long as you weren't doing any lasting damage to one another?

Matt had his friend Will choreographed most of the fight scenes, especially the big brawl at the end. I'd say some of the earlier fight scenes might have been slightly ad-libbed, but once the show got picked up by The Escapist and the budget increased, the professionalism with every aspect of the show took a big leap. Having Matt or Zach guiding us, you never felt like anything was rushed though, they always had us change the scene until they got exactly what they wanted. We tossed around the idea of me knocking a star out of someone during a fight scene, but sadly it never made it into post.

Who do you Brawl with when you play Smash Bros, and do you have a stage you favor?

I was a huge fan of brawl. I even bought three copies of the Wii version a week before the game released and threw a huge party at my house with up to twelve players playing at a time. I gave the original Super Smash Bros. a lot more love though. Captain Falcon was my main, if only for FALCON PUNNNCH!!!ing everyone of the map. I favored Hyrule and Fox's Space Ship most, and always played with items on. Except health increasing items, that was considered cheesy.


Maybe I'll manage to get all of these out by week's end after all. We'll see. Only three more left!

Mario/DK image originally by Bob Dob.
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