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There Would've Been Brawl: You're My Boy, Blue

Today's There Will Be Brawl interview comes from Gavin Niebel, the heartthrob and proud owner of a Cylon Resurrection Tub (no, really, he won it at auction after Battlestar Galactica finished) who played the Mushroom Kingdom police officer, Marth. Once again, my questions are in bold, with his answers in plain text.

Were you tapped by Matt and Zach to play Marth right off the bat, or was it more of a role you sought out, or just so happened to have a blue wig laying around for?

Matt and I have been best friends since 5th grade, so when I found out he was working on this project I offered my help in anyway I could. I don't think Zach had Marth and Ike in mind from the very beginning, so I was probably just the lucky SOB that was standing around when Zach realized he needed two hot cops to deliver some of the best acting the internet has ever seen. A side note: That blue wig can go to hell.

Did your coworkers at your day job know about Brawl when it started airing, and did it lead to high-fiving or secret shame?

They didn't know about it, but at the time I was working for Treyarch, making Call of Duty, so we were all just a bunch of nerds. I had no problem whoring the show out to get as many views as possible. The best part was not being recognized. I actually had to point myself out to them, which was fun.

Some viewers of There Will Be Brawl may have recognized you from your circulation in the cosplay scene. Got any outfits in the works you'd like to tease us about, and/or spoilers as to when and where you'll be wearing them?

Honestly, money has been so tight lately that I have had to shy away from costume creation, which really saddens me. When I get back in full swing though, expect Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid 1. My ultimate goal is to fabricate a 10 foot tall Metal Gear Rex, but I'm pretty sure that won't be for quite some time.

When you game, what do you prefer to play?

I prefer dynamic, open-world games that either use emotion as a game mechanic or brings forth emotion from myself using its narrative. Even though I worked on Call of Duty for years, I can't stand how linear it is. Games that tween the line of linear and dynamic usually have to have a strong narrative for me to appreciate them. The Metal Gear Solid series does just that. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are two other games that put me in a state of awe no matter how many times I play them.

Aside from R.O.B., who is clearly not that distantly related to a toaster, which Brawl character would you say is most likely to be a Cylon?

Homeless Snake, without a doubt. That guy had so many clones to deal with in his past!

Do you have any juicy, behind-the-scenes tales from your time with There Will Be Brawl, that most viewers wouldn't have heard before now?

It's slightly scary how many unknown facts there are about what went on during the filming of Brawl. Some fun, some awful, but all worth it for the friendships made. Besides the rampant ass grabbing that went on throughout filming, mainly from myself, Tony Rago (Link), nicknamed me the bird whisperer because of my ability to casually catch a pigeon with my hands and set it free after being trapped in an office room that we were filming in. True story.

Who's your favorite Smash Bros. character to play, if you do play, or to watch if you don't, and what's your favorite stage?

Kirby all the way. I suck at Brawl to be honest, but I love standing on the right most edge of "Temple" just to bait people into attacking me. The moment they do I suck them into my mouth, jump off the edge of the cliff, spit them out, and then float my way back to safety on the lower center island. Anything else I attempt leads to my demise.

As a parting note, marry/fuck/kill: Nastasha Romanenko, Naomi Hunter, Mei Ling?

Hmmm.... jeez why do you do this to me? The Boss/Meryl/Sniper Wolf. That bitch broke Otacon's heart!

Thanks so much for this interview. It was a lot of fun!

More to come tomorrow, and I may even have to double up one of these to fit all the interviews in by Saturday. We shall see.
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