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Goodbye Destructoid


There has always been one posting that I have dreaded writing since I started working for Destructoid and that is this post, the post where I say goodbye.

The time has indeed come to move on and to take that leap to working full-time into the games industry because on the 1st of November you will find me as the new Consumer and Community PR for Namco Bandai games in the UK. Its a rather nice title, don't you think?

I started reading Destructoid back in 2005 and fell instantly in love with the community and after heading to PAX Prime for the second time in 2009 I decided to start a UK emailer. A year later I was officially brought on as staff (although to this day Neiro doesn't really know how I wormed my way in) and its fair to say I have never looked back. I cannot even begin to to tell you what a wonderful, if not slightly stressful journey this has been and its true what people say, they is no community like the Destructoid community.

I want to thank you all for some of the most amazing experiences, laughs, the late night skype calls, emails, tweets, texts, calls and random .jpgs I have had over the years -- I have been thoroughly spoiled by you all.

I want to say an extra special thank you the DtoidEU community for being a community I am so proud to manage, for being people who are willing to work tirelessly to help promote DestructoidEU at events and through the podcasts and for being those people who I can call no matter what time day or night to share in my triumphs and my failures -- I love you all, even when you do start new email threads without my permission

Of course I also want to thank the Destructoid staff who have been the most amazing bunch of people to work with ever. You guys are absolutely fantastic people and I really hope that our paths will get to cross again and again. Also Firebird and Tiger Shark FO LIFE.


All is not lost as I want to introduce you to two new members of team Destructoid;

Becca Roberts will be taking care of all things PR for DtoidEU as well as conituning BritToid and with her background in media and audio you may even be seeing her oncamera in the not to distant future.

Looking after the community will be the new DtoidEU Community Manager Beccy Caine whos job it will be to continue the emailer, maintain the EU presence on the site and run all the awesome EU NARPs.
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