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Destructoid's G3 Event Postmortem (AKA I Love You Guys)


I figured I'd do a postmortem to explain what we did the yesterday for the G3 event and how the Destructoid Community helped sick kids all across the country. I first want to acknowledge my team for working hard in this. The purpose of this event wasn't to raise money for one hospital. It was to raise money for hospitals across the world. Swishiee, Rifter01, and HKKstudios all stepped up and gathered donations. I want to thank you for this and I want to publicly acknowledge your hard work.

Swishiee and Rifter01 both posted up livestreams where they played a huge number of games. In fact, I had actually used Swishiee's Super Meat Boy playthrough as background music to my Gears of War matches. They played Radiant Silvergun, Beautiful Katamari, Pinball FX, Gears of War 3, Mirror's Edge, the Binding of Isaac, Super Meat Boy, Team Fortress 2, Fallout New Vegas, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and probably a few games I was too busy on my own end to see. That's a lot of games under your belts and I'm damn proud of that.

For myself, I can break down all the games I played. I lost (while trying my absolute best) at BlazBlue, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Dead or Alive 4, Gears of War, Virtua Fighter 5, Lost Planet, Pac-Man CE and tragically Breath of Death VII (damn castle) for charity. I attempted to get people to play a game of Battle Fantasia with me, but to no avail.

To add insult to my bruised ego, I achieved 4 achievements in total for my actions. For full effect, I thought I'd throw them below:

When a game mocks you when you are trying your absolute best, it's not funny.

The only game I truly did achieve victory in was X-men. I at least got to curb stomp Magneto with Nightcrawler. I'd have probably done better in that as well if I were able to main Dazzler. Well whatever. The point is video games were played and I was humiliated for charity. My team and I did this for any money we could get and I'm overly happy to report that we've broken the half way mark. I have over $280 given to me by my community separated in to 4 different hospitals. That makes getting my ass handed to me for 12 straight hours really cool.

That's what this was all really about. I begged and pleaded with people that I don't know on Destructoid and twitter to give me money, raffle items or a shout out for this event. To every one of those people that retweeted, you helped me get money. Thank you so much. To every person that donated, I don't know how many times I can say thank you to you. All of you made me damn proud to be a member of this community.

At one point we hit a lull in our donations at around 6pm or so my time. I was tweeting and talking to the people in the chat page while getting my ass handed to me in games. We weren't seeing any new donations and I was getting pretty burnt out. I got a message from a Dtoider that completely changed that. Not a regular text message, but a fully voiced well wish from a community member here.

"I just want to let you know that efforts like this and people like yourself are what make Destructoid a community to be apart of."

Now this guy went out of his way to record a message for me. It helped motivate me at a time when I wasn't really feeling pumped. I'm a simple guy. Any blessings, no matter how big or how small, really helped me feel great about throwing this together. I worked for an event last weekend that was full of a lot of people that failed to remember why exactly they were brought together and what it is that they were supposed to be doing. We're supposed to be spreading the word and getting as much extra money as we can.

Just by some of the extra work I'd seen from people here, I know for a fact that this community is the best community in gaming. Hands down.

I was sitting at the Texans vs Steelers game today and was fortunate to sit next to a boy that was deaf. He was sitting there awkwardly at the beginning of the game and he looked to be really out of his element. His father was sitting right next to him the entire time signing and trying to get the boy adjusted to the stadium environment.

As we started getting in to the second half, he started to clap more and really seemed to be picking up interest in the game. Though he just wasn't as involved in the game as those of us around him. At one point his father went to give him a five and he kinda brushed it off nonchalantly. So I gave his old man a big five to kinda show him that it's cool to get involved. From there, I tried my best to get more involved with him and his father as he seemed to start opening up with everyone getting excited around him.

By the time I left the stadium, this boy was clapping, dancing and basically talking the biggest trash talk a boy his age could make. At one point after a play, he took his hat off his head and turned it to the side very purposely. I looked down and he began to brush the Texans logo which rested there three times for his amusement. As if he was saying "it ain't no thang" while doing it. I laughed. I was glad the kid started to have some real fun.

I bring all this up, because I had just spent 12 hours of my life in front of a TV gaming for Children's Hospitals. I do kind of feel sheltered when I hang out with my kid all the time and it was just refreshing to see a kid I didn't know really start to enjoy the things around him. I guess that's why I kinda started this fundraiser thing. I really just wanted to help random kids. I'll go out of my way to help my kid at any point in her life. I want others to have that same kind of care. It's why I tried to get so much support from our community. I wanted to prove that we are awesome. You more than proved that this weekend.

After 12 hours of gaming, I needed to be outside at the game and get a good breath of fresh air. Unfortunately on a beautiful 70 degree day that had a mild breeze and no cloud in the sky, the Texans kept the roof closed. Freaking pansies. This was the best day we had in this city in probably 5 months. During my break, we saw our total jump up $70 without me doing a thing to remind you about it. That is so fucking cool you guys.

However, we obviously aren't done. I made a random goal of $500 and didn't think I'd get much for it. Now I'm over half way there and I know we can net the big prize. I've begged so many random people for raffle items to boost donations and I really want to thank The Behemoth, our own Hamza Aziz and everyone that offered their support. I have stuff I want to give you people. I made a promise to them that we'll do it after $500 and I have to stick by it. When we clear that goal, I'll make it rain with the free goodies we've received. I want to reward all of your hard work because you deserve it.

I want to reward the people that worked the event, the people that donated, and you. I'm begging for pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, and dollars. It meant so much to me when somebody who didn't have a credit card went out of his way and remembered to gift his remaining PayPal funds. That's what I've been asking for. I just want something. I want to reach our goal.

Thank you so much Destructoid for helping sick children across the country.


You can find out all the information about yesterday's event (including the raffle) here

How to Donate:
Please choose one of the 4 hospitals below and support them with any kind of donation.

manasteel88's Page
Hospital: Hasbro's Children's Hospital

HKKstudio's Page
Hospital: Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Swishiee's Page
Hospital: UC Davis Children's Hospital

Rifter01's Page
Hospital: Children's Hospital Foundation

You can choose to donate any amount you want Anonymously.

You can also check out our main Extra Life donation page for any other help or information.

Total Donations Earned: $525.00
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